Silent ryzen 1600X gaming and photo editing rig

Gday, Aussie looking to build a silent Ryzen 1600X rig for some gaming and photo editting.
Link to parts;

I have already bought the power supply but have been looking at different motherboarrd and graphics options. have just come up with incompatability. Says need 1 more EPS power connector.

Could i just use one of the 8 pin pcie connectors? Is this because of the high power requirements of the Maximus extreme board.

Thanks for any help and feedback:grinning:

The 8-pin connector is the EPS Power connector, no worries. /edit now I see what you mean, the board has 2 connectors for it. The second one is really only needed when extreme overclocking (LN2 or Dry Ice), and even then it’s more of a gimmick then actually useful (the same on the Titanium, though the VRM on that one would literally explode if you were to pump that much power through it).

Selection looks ok-ish, but a few notes:

  1. I would probably opt for a cheaper mainboard, because the extreme is just way overkill. The money you can save can go towards faster and/or more RAM and/or a 1700 for 2C/4T more.
  2. If you think 6C/12T is really enough you could also go for the 1600 which is cheaper and takes 5 minutes to get to 1600X performance and above.
  3. Regarding the cooler, word has it that the stock cooler on the Ryzens is actually pretty good, though I can’t speak from experience on that (also not sure how well it does when overclocking if you’re planning on it, which you should with that board).
  4. 2x NVMe SSD means that the GPU only has 8 lanes available (not a big deal), but you could just get a single 500GB of that model and come cheaper. Unless of course you want to run them in RAID0 (not sure if I’d be willing to do that, but that’s none of my business).
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I think that the cooler will definitely help with the “silent” aspect of the build, so I can see why you might choose that over the stock cooler. I agree with @mihawk90(love that name), you should definitely go for a “cheaper” motherboard and get your hands on a Ryzen 7 1700 or 16 more GB of RAM. If this is truly an “editing” rig, then those two upgrades will show you a substantial amount of benefit while editing. I suppose it just all depends on the degree to which you plan on doing editing. Beyond that, the Strix 1080 is insane! I also believe that a single M.2 SSD with a mass storage drive on the side might be more valuable for storing large data files. Have you considered a 2 or 3 TB WD Black drive for your secondary storage and loading most of your primary software on a single Samsung SSD?

Cheaper MOBO and CPU combo:

Keep in mind it is cheaper in a monetary sense, but that motherboard is still jam packed with features and the Ryzen 7 1700 outperforms the 1600/1600x pretty well–especially when it comes to multicore intensive tasks.

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Definitely yes, though I’d try with the stock cooler first and order the Noctua later if it’s not “silent” enough (that’s very subjective and dependant on the case anyway).

I just assumed he already has a storage device lying around somewhere as most people do :slight_smile:

As for your link, I personally don’t like the MSI AM4 boards, they kinda cheaped out on the VRM for no reason, but it’ll be fine nonetheless.


Like @mihawk90 said, the mainboard is overkill. Stepped it down a notch. Also adjusted RAM to give your new Ryzen some Samsung B-Die.
As you are building a productivity machine, the 1700 will give you an extra bit of performance without braking the bank.
Cooler is your choice, not tinkering with that. (And I do not like AIOs :stuck_out_tongue:)
Changed the storage up a bit. A single 500GB NVME SSD and 1TB harddrive (for local backup)

I noticed the case to be missing. Any plans?

Comes in 20 australian money units less than OP:


hey thanks for all the feed back yeah been struggling to work out which one is B die memory. I’m looking for 16Gb. The case i have bought is the Be quite 800 base sorry for leaving a few holes up front. Its just photo editing not any video.

The main reason i had settled on the 1600X over 17 is the clock speed and price
I have had the Taichi down for a while but keep reading about Bios update issues being a little more complicated than others. I’m no wizz
And yeah thanks for pointing out the speed drop when using NVME raid i was assuming it wasn’t the same issue on this board as others.

I had another concern about power supply head room. So it looks like it will be push like 85 - 95% at the 520 power supply is this too high?
And RAMS cheap i could afford the 32 but wont quad sticks effect my speed? between ram and CPU on ryzen

Please go for 3200 memory. It does help in games and given the other parts you don’t want to throw away performance to save a few bucks.

sadly a lot of manufacturers don’t state what chips they are using, can be a pain…

It’s the same on every board since the PCIe lanes are provided by the CPU and every Ryzen CPU (excluding Threadripper) has the same PCIe lane count (16+4 usable + 4 for the PCH).

It’s also not the NVMe lanes that drop, but the lanes for the GPU, it’s not really a big deal though since even current gen GPUs barely use the bandwidth of 8 lanes.

technically yes, but if you need the RAM it’s better to have more then have fast :slight_smile: If you don’t need the additional RAM just stick to whatever you need.

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I haven’t tried only two sticks but I can run my 3200 G.Skill Ripjaws V at 2933 with all four dimms.

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That’s why “technically” :wink: It depends on the kit, some can hit it no problem, some need some fiddling, some won’t at all.

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are they 8 or 16 sticks double sided dimms causes the problem?

Well, ok. Then “technically” no is also correct because


Wait, I have it somewhere…

There it is:


That should be exactly my kit. And I am running it on an Asus Prime X370 Pro, so not even a really expensive board.

Double Sided or not doesn’t say anything about the internal layout of the stick. A stick can be dual-rank with chips just on one side, but it can also be single-rank with chips on both sides.

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So just an quick update

I have allready purchased case, cpu, cooler, power supply

Thanks for all your feedback

I have not read any other answer. I will just say what I think.

  1. You don’t need D15. I am cooling warmer 95W CPU with D14 at 30% fan speed. The cooler is SILENT. Not quiet. SILENT. I can literally see the individual fan blades moving. At 100% load the thermals are under 50C.
  2. Do you really need the 600$ board? What is it, that this one have over boards, that cost half, like Asrock TaiChi?
    I mean seriously? What can be worth twice the price?
  3. Take a look at faster speed memories. 3000+. There have been a few upgrades in the micro-codes and UEFIs etc, that allows faster memory to work properly. And in this case the speed actually matters.
  4. What is the case? I am running Fractal Arc Midi R2 with a noise level of 19dBa… This is not a silence optimized case at all, but it have 11 fans, that keeps everything well ventilated and cool and therefore the fans run slow and make no noise.

You can easily get it down to 2K or keep the price and get better performance for it.

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If you’re really going for that board, look at the incompatibilities, it won’t fit the Silent Base 800.

I just read you already have that case, time to look for a new board (or get a saw cough).


If my memory serves me well, I recall that a lot of people have claimed that the ASUS ROG Crosshair is not really worth the money. I would highly recommend you look elsewhere. However, if you are set on that motherboard–you need to pay attention to the fact that it is a eATX board. As @mihawk90 mentioned, this means you will need a rather large chassis to accommodate that motherboard. The Silent Base 800 WILL NOT accommodate the Crosshair. Not to beat a dead horse here–but I do honestly think the Ryzen 7 1700 and a cheaper X370 board will serve you better in the future, especially when considering the cost cut you can produce by going for the pair.

Appreciate all the feed back scrap the extreme board. Taichi is the go.
Only other changes thinking galax graphics card same price as the one in the list either way

I agree regarding the 1700 although price differences i think are probably slightly higher in Australia to what you lads are used too