Silent PC for Special User

Is there any way to increase the budget at all? this is a tall order. Has to be new, has to be silent, has to play games, has to be cheap. We’re going to have to sacrifice something here.

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I apologize but i doubt it can be increased. The buyer has very limited funds due to being on “state support”.

theres a switch on the power supply one is pretty much a switch that doesn’t let the PSU turn on and the other is for fan opperation, it just has 3 modes, I would try the low fan mode first as it would provide at least some ventilation, if not then do no fan mode

as far as the rest of the system you have two options

msi has a very robust fan control system you can set fans to a tolerable low setting or just not plug in the system fans, you’ll need to change a bios setting to ignore warning the system that the CPU fan is not plugged in

I need to check if the 3200G can handle fanless with the stock heatsink without disabling percision boost and turbo

Dont apologize, I’m just trying to be real with your situation. In this case performance is what suffers unfortunately.

Yes I understand. When talking to major retailers they could offer solutions, but they were also always extremely outside of the budget. Mr. GigabusterEXE seems to have written a nice list, I will have to confer with the user if it’s okay to play on lower settings.

if you can wait until something like a black friday sale then this might become more doable.

I might have a 3200G list in just a moment

Thank you again for your great help, and to Adubs, yes we can wait for sales :slight_smile:

If you give me until tomorrow evening I can see if I can dig up a Deskmini build around the size of 6000 SEK (live in Sweden) VAT exclusive, busy right now unfortunately. I will assume screen, mouse and keyboard exist.

It can’t, for fanless operation you need a special heatsink that can create a chimney effect.

okay this is a little over but I think it’ll do

if you can have the fans on say like 600RPM max that shouldn’t make noise but if it does I believe it’ll work passively if you turn off turbo boost

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Thank you again, we can wait for sales around black friday (they have them here too) and see if it will be doable then. Very difficult to increase the budget as the user would have to save literal pocket money for months, and that means refraining from going to the movies, buying candy and that sort of stuff. Hard to convince 15 year olds to save money haha.

Thank you too, but I think with 25% VAT on top of the 6K SEK, it would be to much :frowning:

EDIT: Also, do you have 5 year warranty in Sweden?

this is what you can expect out of a 3200G in fortnite and what settings to use at various resolutions

ah that video is for the 2200G, the 3200G in the parts list is a bit faster since its next gen

if you have an older PC you can reuse Its case since the standard never changes and cases will never fail, that will open up the budget a bit since you won’t have to buy a new case

I will show him this video, thank you. I don’t have an older computer case lying around unfortunatly, also I would not be allowed to give it to the user, you see this is someone I work with/for and that would be considered gifting, which is illegal and could cost me my job. I am sorry for being so difficult but I am very restrained in what I can and cannot do.

Ok no worries, 5500-6000 with VAT it is. Will be silent, small and performant!

Can someone else gift or help? (As in us?)

Have you thought about a iso box?? For after you decide on the computer parts??

This should be near silent, I have managed to find the higher spec model for equivalent of ~4800 SEK in the UK.

its got a blower fan in it