Silent GPUs from Asus

The link is to the GTX 970 Strix from Asus, and a huge feature for the card is the

"DirectCU II with 0dB fan technology lets you enjoy light games in complete silence, and hardcore gaming 30% cooler with 3X-quieter performance!"

I saw a video on Linus's channel and the freaking fans don't spin for less intensive tasks kind of like some power supplies out there. This is an Amazing feature that I don't think I've seen a lot of coverage on, what are everyone's thoughs? 

Sort of similar to the Vapor-x R9 290x, which would turn off 2 of 3 fans when not doing anything intensive.

Kind of pointless since there's hardly any sound difference between 1 and 3 fans running at low RPM.

I suppose they're both nice features, but they're by no means going to sell me a card.

I'm seriously looking into the Strix lineup soley because of this feature, the Direct CU ii cooler is generally a good cooler for NVidia cards in the first place, but depending on which 900 series card I'm going for I will definitely be watching for a Strix series one. 

Would pair well with a PSU that does the same And you could manually set other fan curves.

Just seems like it would really drop the sound levels, I know my CPU fan and GPU fans are the two that make the biggest difference in my mITX build.

i had a hd 6770 DUII silent. No fans on it and it would only run up to about 70c when mining litecoin.

I myself got the Strix and I set my fan curve to start spinning at around 55°C while gaming..

It works great, the silence thingy is just a marketing scheme, yes the card is silent, but does it really matter if you have 3-4-5 other fans spinning? :D