Silent case

Can anyone recommend a good, silent case? I would prefer it to be micro-atx but it doesn't have to be. Thank you for all replys!

Can't go wrong with the Fractal Design Define R4. It is one of the best mixes between silence and airflow there is.

TBH you really can't get "silence." Moving parts. There will always be some noise no matter how quiet it is.

Fractal Design Define R4 + Akasa Viper S-Flow fans = inaudible noise

I speak from experience as this is what i run all day and all night - quieter than Noctua and the sound deadening in the case works wonders.

I know its a standard ATX case but I've never heard of a m-atx case with sound deadening

Fractal Design Defini Mini is an mATX case with sound dampening.

Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 is another one.

Pick whatever you think looks best, there shouldn't be any noticeable difference in sound dampening (or airflow, for that matter).