Silent case, will fit nh-d14? recommendation?

Hello tek people. I'm looking for a new case to house my rig. its a 8 core fx cpu and an 7870 graphics card (soon to be a Hawaii :D) My current case is a corsair c70. While this case is awesome, I'm looking for something silent. I really like the bitfenix prodigy but there are no small motherboards for my cpu, and I'm not sure if its quiet. Getting a new motherboard is an option but I wanted to know what you guys think first. know of any really quiet nice looking cases? 

NOTE: it must be able to fit a nactua nh_D14 cpu cooler.


know of a smallish (or normal sized) case that is quite/silent that can fit a nactua nh_d14?

Here are a Couple:

Fractal Design: Define R4

Antec: P280

My vote goes to the Define R4 as well.

Fractal r4 is probably the most silent you would get.

But the Arc midi r2 is smaller and can fit the Nh-d14 aswell.

I'm rocking an NH D14 in an R4. Great combo!

It's a great case, I really like mine and Logan has said that it gets a little warm on the inside, but i haven't seen that at all with my case even with both my GPU and CPU being overclocked.

If you want to keep the Define R4 quiet and cool, then install a second front fan and bottom fan and just remove the back top fan. The air will migrate there on its own and push out, without the fan there to regulate the speed, you could get plenty air coming out of there without added sound.

If you REALLY want best performance and don't mind teh added cost, get noctua fans for the case, it can hold 6 140mm fans, but I think 3 intake (2x front and 1xbottom) and 2x top would be the best. The noctua fans have great airflow and you can set them to medium for absolute silence.. and high for wisper silent. That would keep it quiet and cool, but noctua fans are expensive.

my HAFxm is... a large mid-tower, and fits my havik140 with ease....