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Silencing criticism?


Why did you guys locked and unlisted this topic ?

Since when a little criticism is getting blocked over here ?



Want me to re-list it? sure.

It turned extremely toxic and a user got banned (in part) over it.

The moderation staff made a decision to close it down to prevent more toxicity.



Which parts were extreme ? I didn’t see doxing or murder threads. Lets dial it a bit down.

Not sure this is preventing anything. Blocking is never the answer. This looks more like blocking of criticism than blocking toxic behavior. Could of “deleted” or “edited” the toxic comments instead.

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As I said in the mod lounge, it wasn’t that bad. But I was outnumbered. So yes, as a team, we made the decision.



Why was every rule violation and ad hominum attack via the moderators?
Frankly it was disgusting

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Let’s reuse a fun analogy that got rather popular here back in 2016:

“When somebody comes into your house and shits on the floor, you are obligated to kick them out and clean up the mess.”

Somebody decided to kick up a fuss and shout from the mountains to get as many people involved in a situation that could have been handled privately with tact and composure.



I do believe in those words but the way it’s been “cleaned” is by removing the whole room from the house instead of removing just the shit.



I simply closed the front door.



You kicked him out and closed all the doors to the room. Only the people with the key can access it is it not that the case ? So you removed the room.

For the " oh but it’s there " answer - yes technically but we can’t really go into the room do we ?



We can extrapolate the analogy further but the truth is that by creating this thread you’ve already proven that a door was left open. Discussion is still happening.

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No we are in another room right now discussing why the other room was closed down for us.

Room = thread
closed = locked
unlisted = removed

that was my analogy I am not sure where were you guys going.



if tact was used the room would have never existed and this would not be a public issue. seeing as how tact was not used we are now discussing what you think was mod abuse. but was really cleaning up of the room that should not have been open to the public.



The thing is we are on a public forum, there is no sorting on the entrance if participants of the forum are tactful or not, while this specific topic could of not existed another similar topic could exist in the future, and such matters should be addressed now so we know how it will be acted upon in the future.

I wouldn’t call it that. I just want to ask if the reasons behind locking and unlisting the thread are something more than silencing. They could have very legit reasons I don’t know about, that’s why I asked.

But if it’s just to silence criticism I don’t really flow with this kind of reasoning.

I think that things that are happening in the forum should be discussed in the forum even if they are tactless ( I am probably butchering this word, apologies for my English ), rude or outright toxic.



Level1Techs used to be about technology. We used to spend our time shitposting and talking about our passions. Somewhere along the lines we got lost and I’m trying to figure out where that is. How the hell did we get to the point where we have so many users unhappy about things? Why do users seem to think they can come in and shit on the carpet? We have an ethos here at Level1Techs. An ethos of positivity and passion, To encourage thoughtful and rational discourse, to be a doer, to inspire others, and to be excellent to each other. Recently, that ethos seems to have been replaced with negativity and animosity. I’m frankly tired of it. We need to figure out how to be excellent to each other or this community will either die off or move on. We’ve already seen a significant number of our regulars move on to other communities or create their own. Level1Techs was created as a way to reset from Tekxit, but it seems we might be in need of another reset. I’m not advocating for yet another split, I’m just asking if we shouldn’t consider how we interact with each other and apply the golden rule to it. How would you like to be treated? Is that how you’re treating others? If not, you should reconsider your thought process and adjust your attitude. I don’t say this from a position of innocence. I know that I too have sinned. We don’t all get along. We don’t all agree. We don’t all make the best decisions all the time. Most importantly though, we don’t have to do this day in and day out. I didn’t become a moderator because I want to enforce my will on people, I did it because I see the best of this place. I see projects like Looking Glass, the Get Motivated challenges, the VFIO projects, etc… These projects exemplify the best of our community and are a way for us to come together. More importantly, these projects give us a sense of community. So, I ask you, is this what you want in a community? Do you want animosity and pessimism or do you want a sense of belonging and positivity? We don’t have much time on this earth. We should not be wasting it being negative to each other and writing these posts. All of this this negativity is extremely draining on the soul. This situation is a sad commentary on the state of western culture today as well so I hope some of you take this to heart offline as well.

I should be in the gym right now, but I’m here tending to the forum, which seems to be growing more unruly by the day. I’m really not sure what else to say here. I’m out, it’s leg day and I refuse to skip.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.



I am half way through it but you are escalating from a fly to an elephant. You are playing the wrong card.

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FFS already kids.

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Correct, however everyone is expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the forum. It’s pinned right to the top, and even contains an instructional piece on how to argue on the internet so as to not let threads go to absolute shit and run in circles.



sorry m8 but when you have been around as long as some of us. and seen what was a close community that was fun took a joke and able to use respect turn into a sideshow. it stops being fun to be around and turns into a living nightmare.



If not for being a mod and having some say in the direction of the forum, I’d probably not even be here at this point. I 100% understand why the people who left have left.



if not for my love of the team and the few randoms that are here i would lurk elsewhere… but if i leave that means i have given up on what was a great place and i refuse to just let it die.