Silencing a mouse

how would you guys go around silencing a mouse?

i have a wireless canyon CNR-FMSOW01 that is quite loud.

Silencing how? As in the click? That click is essentially the actuation of the switch that sends the pulse telling the computer that you clicked. If you wanted to, the only thing I could think of without compromising the mouse is putting some very soft rubber in between the very edge of the switch (right next to the cord there should be some space). Also, try not clicking so hard, you need very little force to activate a click.

buy a new mouse that's advertised as quiet

You could try tearing the switch out and replacing it with a different one. I broke the LMB on my RAT5, so I replaced it and you can tell it's a different switch; it's damn near silent.


If you are talking about the scroll wheel, most have a piece of metal that is easily removable without affecting the function of the mouse. Of course there's always the risk when taking it apart, someones probably already done it try looking up taking that model mouse apart.

Good reviews and there's a video test for you in the first review.


Nexus mice are silent. Mine just broke after 2 months. So they aint build for eternity.