Signup for Beta test Steam on Linux!

Valve has launched the Steam on Linux survey. They are "looking for Linux gamers to install and test our new Steam for Linux client."

To signup for the survey you basicly have to fill in some details about the computer you're going to test Steam on, like your CPU vendor and the amount of CPU cores etc. etc.. Of course you have to have a Steam account at first.

Within 'a short period' Valve is going to select 1,000 Steam'ers who will going to test Steam on their Linux pc.

Signup for the survey here:

So what do you make of this? Have you already signed up? ('Cause I sertainly did!)


Thanks for sharing, I just signed up :)

THANK GOD i saw this, i would love to be part of it

I signed up the fist day it was available. Haven't heard anything yet though. The quiz is very simple. Something any Tek Syn member would answer instantly.

I am glad that Steam (of all companies) is deciding to both give odd techies more reason to respect them, and also improving drivers and performance on multiple OS's while they test and debug things.
Good for them, and us.

Whether I buy Left 4 Dead on Windows version of Steam or on Linux version it will still be extremely censored. In Germany we can only get the so called "Low Violence"-version.

So nope thanks. I am not going to support censorship of any kind. I consider games, not all, but some art and censoring art is a no-go.