Signed up for private internet access, Speed tests improved

So I am a little shocked. I didn't expect a speed boost from this. but with out the VPN i am consistent with getting 26 Mbps down. after connecting I am getting between 38-54 Mbps

I just I .....

Maybe it's the whiskey....I'll re test in the morning...


May be because you were running different test program's


I was using the same one by Ookla, I just started trying others to see if the 50 Mbps was a fluke with Ookla


Check out

it's a little more accurate than Ookla.

and a lot more detailed. Gave me the city average, didn't think my city was big enough to be added to a database like this. If this is accurate, then everyone around me has some craptastic (comcastic) internet. 

yeah the makes more sense then the others

With VPN 

down arrow Download :: 5 Mbps 626 kB/s

 Minimum :: 2.03 Mbps | Middle :: 8.03 Mbps | Maximum :: 20.7 Mbps

With out vpn

down arrow Download :: 19.8 Mbps 2.5 MB/s

 Minimum :: 9.08 Mbps | Middle :: 23.21 Mbps | Maximum :: 26.43 Mbps