Signed Copy Of Skyrim

My father has close ties to ID software, which was soon bought out by Bethesda Softworks. One of his friends who worked for ID software was able to take a PC copy of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and have everyone who helped design the game sign this. The other signatures are on the back. have been chosen to wield such a heavenly possession.

That looks great! I would frame it :)

It would add some serious value to an Elder Scrolls master collection, wouldn't it? xD

That's really impressive, man. That's definatly a collectors item for decades to come.

I envy you good sir. I agree with brennanriddell, I'd get it framed, or maybe make a cool wooden box for it with a perspex window.

You mean build a frame? ;)

Ebay If you're not too attached to it. Although I wouldnt... Maybe.