*Sigh* linux users

I’m not complaining about the forum, or even being passive aggressive to anyone here, but why the fuck is every linux gamer an entitled little shit? Like, really, we get you like your system, we get it, I get it, I use it! But for the love of god shut the hell up.

“What are you on about now?”


I like rust. Not the language, the game. Torturing 8 year olds in a video game is hilarious and I don’t even have to do that much. But recently Rust told linux to eat shit because linux users were in the tirade space of the facepunch forum taking a big fat dump on everything.

Not only that, but just games in general. I’m so damn sick of devs running away from the platform I prefer to use because some fat tard living in his mom’s basement can’t shut the hell up about his gnu cock.

I’m about to beat someone with a bat, swear to god.


I guess the fact that we only recently started to get some recognition for gaming on Linux might have something to do with it. Many used Linux for years wanting to game on it. And they didn’t seeit happening. Now, we are in a spot where i is happening (or could happen). Now the Linux users have seen, that there is an opportunity and want to make sure they don’t let it pass.
For years Linux Users haven’t been heard by the Developers. And now they are screeming louder than ever to make sure they get through. Most just worry that it could be a pipe dream and all be over by 2020…

But that’s just me guessing :wink:


Dont include me in the loud minority please.

Devs need an excuse to not support linux when asked. Users are an ez scapegoat.


By screaming at people and being annoying?


I guess everything boils down to the “big dick energy” culture we have.

Linux community is fairly toxic from what I’ve seen.

As a kernel it is awesome, bundled with GNU stuff we got some amazing OS, but the community… … … meh

I remember when there was the fuss about stallman and the thread people saying the community was made of neckbeards and they wanted it to stay that way, I don’t know the exact word in english, but that might be “protecionism”


IKR? If they really wanted games for Linux they would of gone out and got a job at the company to bring support to Linux.

But not everyone has experience in business or can’t get accepted for a job that would give them the power to make top level decisions. So it’s easier to type on a keyboard telling the company to add support.


From my personal experience: It might seem that way, but it often isn’t. Linux Users that try to help others expect a certain level of engagement with the OS. Linux is pretty unique in that it’s mostly build by the users. A lot of linux guys think that, if you don’t care for the OS and just want it to work without you getting to involved, Windows or OS X are better options. And i can’t totally disagree with that.
Overall, i always found the linux community to be welcoming and helpfull to those that genuinly try to get into the OS. But as with anything, if you don’t help me to help you, there’s onyl so much one can do.

Oh for sure. We’ve had a long time of Linux being something “elite” or “differente”. It was a way for people do differentiate themselves from “regular people”. For many it’s gotten to a point where linux has become part of their identity. And it’s niche appeal is what brought many people in.
The recent developments makes Linux much more accesible and mainstream. And a lot of people don’t like that. There’s a lot of “i worked hard to make it work and so should you” kind of stuff. Plus Linux is getting less “edgy”. And as with music, or art, there are people that like to like stuff only few know about. Once it becomes widely recognized, it looses a lot of appeal for them.

Give it some time. Everyone needs to get accustomed to the “new Linux” and the users that come with that. And on the other hand, new Users need to get accustomed to a new OS and how working with it and it’s userbase is different.

In the end, there’s toxic people everywhere. For every Linux Neckbeard there’s an Apple Fanboy and someone saying Linux can do jack shit and only Windows is the thing because compatibility…


That’s not really it. Linux is a very diverse Ecosystem. It’s really hard to “just assume” certain things. So, like you ask for some PC Specs when someone has Problems with their Windows Box, Linux Users tend to ask for some terminal commands and logs to figure out the state of your system. It’s needed information without which it’s really hard to help.
A lot of people comming from Windows or OS X aren’t used to terminals and gathering that level of information on their OS. If you can’t provide a certain level of information about your setup, it’s tough to help. That’s just in the nature of how Linux is build.

So sad because it’s too true…

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So you decided to make a bitching thread to complain about people making bitching threads.



If you give out free stuff always likely to attract freeloaders and help vampires

Linux is free; but Linux is not your momma
you have to hold your own spoon and feed your own head
or pay redhat/suse for a nanny

The fact that there are enough turds gaming on linux for it to be a problem large enough for the dev to take action on is a positive (i’m taking the long view here) i guess?

Sure, it’s bad right now, but it’s a sign that there are actual significant numbers of Linux gamers now. From here it is on the way up :smiley:

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I feel like a pile of assholes screaming louder than twitter leftists is a really shitty gig tho.

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Yeah, but i think thats mostly because they are an easily identifiable group.

I think that is a dev mistake. There are plenty more turds on windows, the difference is simply that they can’t do something as drastic as ban windows players (Based on platform) because that would be suicidal.

It’s early days, but i think this is a sign of things turning around for the better, as shitty as it may be today.

People keep saying that, but I’m here like “Then what the fuck was 5 years ago then”


I remember when Doom (original) was ported to Linux and we thought things were going to be full steam ahead :smiley:

Man. With stadia running games off of Linux. Bro. This may be like Doom but better.

bruh its like earthbound

Here’s the problem …

Gamers are turds. ( IMNSHO )

NOT all gamers. In my experience, gamers under, oh say 25, many, many of then are. Gamers and their “high end” hardware are the worst. Intel, nVidia, Windows fanboys are right up there too.

Usually they are male. It’s a dick bumping contest. Testosterone fueled, ego driven, pound on their chests male bullshit.

Yes there are “Linux gamer turds”, yes there are. But they are far outnumbered by non-Linux gamer turds.

But then they grow up ( usually ).