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Siemens eHighway


Edit: Found some more info:

Building works have started on Germany’s first electric highway that will see electric trucks run along overhead wires, thus charging dynamically. The technology comes from Siemens.

The state of Hesse has secured the first stretch of the so-called eHighway that will run on the A5 Autobahn between Langen/Mörfelden and Weiterstadt once construction is complete by the end of 2018. The entire project is paid for with 15 million euros from the Ministry of the Environment (BMUB).


Interesting idea. Basically plug in hybrid trucks. They still have a truck engine but don’t use it when in contact with the overhead lines, only for overtaking and where that are no lines. They don’t have to carry a battery and are not on rails like tams.

Somehow I don’t see it being used though.


I’ve seen the overhead lines being built in Germany on the autobahn. Not ready yet.


These happen during winter mornings and its basically constant sparkle, they crack and pop, and I find just staring them being oddly satisfying :upside_down_face:


Oh so they are actually going ahead with it? I thought this was a planning phase thing.

In that case I look forward to the data when it is all up an running.


Just did 3400km of driving in Germany, if this will keep the trucks from going into the left lane on the autobahn that would be awesome.


They can disconnect the pantograph to overtake, because they have hybrid drives.