Siemens CAD Build

I have a great PC now, but i know i need at least a GPU upgrade to hold it for now. The Specs are a FX 990 sabertooth Gen 1 and AMD FX 6100. I will be running Makerbot software and Siemens NX for CAD and Simulations. I would like to game on it but i know an 7870 would fit my needs if I need to run two GPUs in my system. So my real question is should i get an Quadro 4000 or an GTX 780. My gaming needs are 1920 X 1080 mainly DOTA but i would like to run a few AAA titles, like Assassin's Creed, when they come up. I new to the CAD software so I not so sure on what i need and I know that a lot of the people in my program do have the mac books with the NVIDA GPU. 

Quadros are horrible for gaming.  Get a GTX 780 as they're more gaming oriented, but should work pretty well in work situations.

ummm.. you want the single-core performance of intel.

openCL is more widely implemented in cad probrams than cuda (cuda is non-existent). go with a 7970. or even a 7870 willl be fine. it's just ray-tracing that might leverage the gpu.

I would for sure change over to an I7 or i5, go intel for this. the core program of the CAD will be mostly single-threaded.

Siemens NX runs a lot better nvida quadros, and I know quadro are really bad for gaming. I just want to know if I can get away with running a 780 or even 770.  I think Siemens NX is a multi treading program do to the simulations. But I will be building and 4670k ITX ROG build so I can tow back and forth from school to home. I also fine with running two systems one for gaming and one for work.