Sidewinder X3


Article [url=]here[/url].


simple indeed

im not paying 40 bucks for that piece of crap!

Simple?? Looks like one of those lame Dell office mouses with some extra buttons and lights.

Microsoft + Design FTL!

Only good thing they've made is Windows 7 everything else looked like a pile of shit.

Especially that console of theirs...what's it called again ? Shitbox 180 :D

Don't really care for it, It looks a lot like a G5 "even has the same DPI" and the buttons look like they would suck using. It's going to take a lot more than that to get me to stop using my DeathAdder.

Mmeh, looks too simple.

And I hate when my thumb cant "rest" anywhere... Saitewk cyborg ftw..

that mouse looks extremely boring if anything..

thats a gaming mouse??

well... i guess there will probably be some market for this, in like people who want a plain looking mouse to game with.

if it comes down from 40 to 30 i think it will do alright.

Hey, Microsoft calls [url=]this[/url] a gaming mouse so I guess the X3 is a step in the right direction.