Side panel causing freezing

I'm having a weird issue with stopping and starting when I have the side panel (cabel side) on. My cable management seems fine and it goes away when I take the panel off, any ideas what could be causing it?

Specs: Antec P280



Noctua NH-D14

MSI 7950 Twin Frozr

Corsar HX650

Samsung 840 120GB

WD Blue 1TB

Asus Xonar DGX

What are the temperatures with the side panel on? Anything that may be getting too hot due to lack of airflow?

CPU is frosty, same with GPU. Could be hard drive I suppose, since there are no fans in the front of my case. That would make sense since it happens mainly in games, but then again it was happening on the desktop at one point (I have windows on an SSD). 

Probably some cable somehow, recheck your connections and make sure everything is snug/not stretched.

^What he said. If nothing is overheating, it has to be a cable issue. Make sure you didn't force any cables and that all of them are nicely secured in place.