Shutdown then pop and spark, capacitor on gpu is loose. Should I be worried?

I was playing hl2 with the fakefactory cinematic mod, when out of nowhere Windows shutdown and I heard a loud pop followed by a single spark, I immediately unplugged the computer and began testing each component on another computer, thankfully my hdd was fine, but when I went to test the gpu (r9 290x) I decided to remove the heatsink to see if anything looked out of place; I found this..

should I be worried?
Should I try to replace it?

EDIT: I took a chance and put the card in after buying a new psu; the computer booted fine and everything seemed to be how it was before hand. (apart from my eyefinity profile for some reason)

Your GPU should be under warranty still if it is a 290X unless you picked it up secondhand. That is what I would recommend.

Yes, that is a blown cap. You could replace it with one of similar voltage / cap rating.
However, as is always the case with circuits that fail... the failure is never just a single component. The component you noticed prolly failed because some other component failed... etc.

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