Show us your time lapse clips

I searched the forums a little bit and didn't see anything like this, so I thought I would start a thread where folks like me, who love shooting time lapses, can show off our work. Anything goes, and all skill levels are welcome! It could be a clip or a compilation of clips, and technical discussion is encouraged

Here goes:

This is a Portland Sunrise taken from the OHSU tram:


Do you just adjust ISO and shutter speed as it goes on or ????? Thats cool I do want to try some of this. What software do you use to create your final video? I have a couple sets of photos but no program that will give me 30fps for playback.

That was shot on Aperture priority, then smoothed out with a program called LRtimelapse. I only use aperture priority for sunrises and stuff where the light drastically changes. What LRtimelapse does is adjust the exposure settings for each image so they are even'd out frame to frame. then it saves them all out to TIFF. (A huge extra step that doesn't need to be done unless you have flicker from frame to frame)

For shots that the exposure doesn't change, I lock all my settings down manually, and you can just import the first frame to After Effects, adjust the raw settings, and it will apply that setting to all of the photos


Nice timelapses.

On that second one were you dragging the shutter or is that a frame blending effect?

Thanks, it's just the shutter speed getting longer as the light faded.

These were actually done with video and frame blending.

Looked much better in real life.
Hindsight 20/20, I should've done it all in RAW to get the dynamic range.

Sped up more than you think

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Sorry for raising this topic from the dead, but I thouht it would be apt for my first post.


Really nice work! Love the day to night shot