Show us your Media/HTPC

Show us those living room PC's you use to watch your HD YouTube content.
Please post pics of your HTPC and a little description of what you got going on!

Here's mine!

AMD 7850K running at stock speeds cooled by ENERMAX 120mm white Heatsink tower running on 16GB of Gskill 2400mhz DDR3
with a MSI R7 250 2GD3 OC 1.8 GHz 2GB DDR3 (need ddr3 so i could do dual-graphics with apu)
pulled together with a GA-F2A88XM-DS2 Gigabyte motherboard

windows 8.1 running off a Samsung MZ-7PD128BW 840 Pro Series 128GB SSD

all powered by a SeaSonic SS-300TGW 300W TFX12V
resting on a MYOPENPC BENCH Transparent Acrylic Open Test Bench

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Here's mine, it's a low effort attempt that's for sure but it's all I need. It's a old Lenovo desktop with a core2 quad, 3gb ram, etc. with glorious Debian 8 installed - works wonderful

Edit: pictures didn't upload, hopefully will work now


great setup

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Thank you, you too. You've certainly put more effort in and have much better hardware :o Your rig is nice and powerful for the size it appears to be, I bet it serves its purpose wonderfully

It's more of a home server but stripping it and will probably switch it for a broadwell nuc since everything is on a fileserver now.
Upstairs I also have an RPi B since at it needs to play is just movies but since a lot of anime is 10bit and the RPi can't handle that. I need something a little bit beefier for downstairs thus that will likely become a NUC. I don't care about 3D and well 4K is still miles away.

Oh for the nerdy among us. It's an i3 4130 with 8 GB ram, SSD and a download disk and that's basically it :P The case is the remnant of the time when my HTPC was more than my HTPC, Download machine, Webserver and also functioned as my fileserver ;)

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  1. Fractal Node 804
  2. Gigabyte Z97 DS3H motherboard
  3. Intel 3258 cpu
  4. 8 gigs of 1333 Hyperx blues
  5. 64g sandisk ssd
  6. 4 random 1t hdd wd and seagate
  7. Thermaltake performer 3.0 cpu cooler
  8. His 7870 gpu
  9. 450w Rosewill Capstone 80 plus gold
  10. 120mm Cougar pwm fan
  11. This may end up a gaming machine soon.
  12. OS Linux Mint/KDE / Kodi

hey, if your media pc is your only pc, show that too! whatever you consume media on.

I really wanna build one like that. Looks like an entertainment system component.

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those silverstone media cases, jelly

Some of these pictures are pretty horrible, but I'm away at the moment and can't take any decent ones.

The HTPC has an 8350 running at 4.4ghz with an older AMD GPU which I can't remember the name of. It used to have an auzentech x-fi home theatre sound card but I took it out as I don't need it anymore (used to be the only way to play hd audio from blurays over hdmi). It has a 400w fables seasonal PSU and a Noctua NH-C14 cooler as well as a couple of Noctua case fans which makes it almost completely silent.

It's running kodi with MPC-HC, SVP, MadVR, and reclock (which is why it needs the 8350)

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I haven't had the need to use reclock on any TV it's more a monitor thing. Thumbs up on the case though :D

awesome setup, how well does the volume knob work?

8350 for htpc. Over the top! :)

I think by default it does function selection, but you can change it to volume I'm sure. I don't really use it as I control volume with the amplifier. It is kind of a dumb design though, the screen, controls, IR sensor and card reader in the front are all separate and require their own USB connectors, so you need four internal headers just for the front panel.

I need it, with the tiny overclock, so that I can use SVP with blurays.

Learned something new.

I use it more for getting the audio to the receiver properly. I can't remember now but it solved some problem I was having.

For now, I'm using this

Pentium G3258
be quiet! Shadow Rock LP
5GB of RAM
Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX case
Was running an XFX R9 290 but it was overheating in this case so I swapped it out for a reference GTX 650 Ti BOOST I had lying around

At some point I plan to get a proper home theatre case, not a huge fan of towers in the living room

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I just got a raspberry pi 2 model b running OpenELEC, and no working camera. Incase somebody doesn't know it looks like this.