Show me your "Spare" rig's!

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Most of us here are probably IT professionals, or a least PC enthusiasts. It might be you are into software (coding, alternative OS's like Linux, etc.) or you might be like me and have a lot of older machines that you either inherited or just refuse to get rid of. In any event, let's show off what we have in our "Parts Department" or whatever you might call your spare parts bin.

I was thinking of getting rid of my trusty old i5 3570k a short while ago (even made a thread about it) and decided to just re-build it with all my spare parts and just use it as a TV gaming setup. So I am now presenting it to you, the community. I know maybe the PSU is overkill, and the case not that great (I'll be honest and admit in this situation my cable management is rushed.)

So here are the specs. Don't laugh, most of these things were freebies and the thing still runs pretty well, age aside.

CPU: Intel i5 3570k @ 3.6 GHz
MB: Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3
RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1866
PSU: Corsair HX1000W
Case: Antec Three Hundred Two
Main SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 R2 124 GB
Storage Deive: Toshiba 7200 RPM Sata III 1TB
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

Sorry for the crap cell phone pic.

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I'm still waiting for AM4 APUs to build an ITX emulation box


my "spare" is specced as such

Xeon E3-1241v3
Asus Z97-A
32GB ram
128GB SSD, 2x1TB, 2TB and 3TB
Evga 750w G2
Fractal r5
and some noctua heatsink.

all I need to do is plob one of my 390X's in it and I'd have a gaming PC better than most people.... I have money to burn me thinks

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My spare is a suit case


OK, this makes me jealous. Good work! I'd hate to see your main! I think I just saw my spare computer run into a corner and hide from that Beast.

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Yeah, man.... that's bad ass. I'm starting to feel like I need to step my game up here.

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Here is one of my spares

I have two other core 2 machines in various states of disrepair and a z97/e31231 itx

I have a lot of rigs but I use all of them. I don't really have anything "spare" lol.

my main is an 5930k, 2x 390X an EVGA 1000w G2, 2x500GB SSDs 750GB SSD and an H440 :P

don't get me started on my headphones.... or my monitors.....

I'm honestly suprised I'm not broke, I'm a university student and my "spares"/backups are better than my friends primaries 0_o

I have a problem me thinks

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What's with you guys having these little e3 Xeons? Did all the cool kids go that route and I'm the only dumbass who went i5? lol. Seriously, extreme props on your build log man. That's what PC building is about. Trying new shit out, making it work, and personalizing it. I'd rather have a old janky case (oh wait, I do, the Antec 302 was never all that great if I'm being honest) and mod the hell out of it over a "nicer" newer case. I'm just that kind of strange.

I'm the kind of guy that'd be happier driving a old Super Beetle in "rat-rod" like conditions over driving a brand new car. Older things seem to have more "soul" to me. And your build, man, that exemplifies it. 110%.


Hey mano, enjoy living it up while you can. And I hope you always can. I've actually been out of work almost 4 years so I have been barely saving $50 a month for my next big project. So far, it's not a huge priority. Rent (about $1500/month for a 1 bedroom apartment) eats up a lot of my "income" (basically a handout from my family, I'm a bit ashamed to say.) The rest barely covers insurance and regular bills. Just glad I have a Wife with a decent job. I wish she'd buy me some nice parts, but she DID just get some nice Tamaron (or is it Tamron?) lenses for her camera, and upgraded from a Canon 60D to a 70D (I don't know jack about photography.)

lol, went e3 because i don't overclock (heresy, i know) and for a bit more than an i5 you get hyper threading.

modding and painting that was fun as hell, toyed with ubuntu but the monitor i was using was a pain, no mount just flat on a table.

I'm with you. My MB is crap and I could never get my 3570K to hit any decent OC's because of it. Plus the Ivy Bridge Curse, with the crap-tacular TIM under the lid. I don't OC anymore, and if I had a brain in my skull I'd try for a Xeon. But being broke sucks.

Oh well.

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Aww come on. I'm sure you have one rig that's at least a third of the parts are hand-me-down's or something. Right??

meh i didn't really need the xeon, the itx its in was supposed to be for Lan Syndicate 2 :.(

I'll just take pictures of all of my machines :P tomorrow

Well there ya go! It's a LAN rig! And Xeon in a lan rig is kinda overkill to me, but hey that's what makes it cool at the same time. As long as it works for you I say more power to ya, and play on! Now we just gotta get a LAN going for L1T. Somehow.

DO IT!!!!! :) I can't speak for anyone else, but the more pics on a thread the better.


I've been pretty good about selling hardware that I don't use. Not much for spares at the moment. I treat PC hardware as rental. Use for about a year, sell and replace.

I do have a problem with a few monitors. I don't have packaging to ship them.

Nothing wrong with seeing hardware as rentals. Hell, if I was smart enough to do that I'd have a lot more cash in my bank account. lol. I understand about monitors. I have a few in my closet that I just kind of got landed with. A older Samsung 19" 1440x900 and a no-name I think a 3:4 monitor I inherited from my Father in Law. One day when no one is around I'll have to e-Waste 'em. I don't need a multi-monitor setup. a 21:9 would be good enough for me. Or at least better than my 8 year old Acer 21" jobber. Poor thing still has a "Designed for Windows Vista" sticker on the base.