Show me your Keyboards!

BTW that keyboard's BALLIN

While suffers from Chad Warden Syndrome

Generic HP keyboard at work. Not very dirty, as I soak my hands in antibac all day 8)

Atleast that's what I like to think



Hey green, mind me asking what yer job is?

We were in the library studying for finals and out of knowhere she reaches into her bag and plops this infront of me. "EAT THIS!" Long story short we almost got kicked out lolol


You nincompoops, these are neither nasty nor filthy, I see a bunch of flashy keyboards....guess nobody here was poor in the past...should of seen my keyboard way back in 98...Florida heat and food in a keyboard...ant infestation

Apprentice at IT department

Ants=protein...good gamer food.  Just feel for them on your keyboard and pop them in your mouth.  Don't even need to take your eyes off the screen.

Xarmor u9bl with Cherry MX browns. Looking to replace it soon. 

What's wrong with the MX Browns? Or is it the keyboard's layout you don't like?

The delete key is broken on one side, the lights flickers off and on, lights are very low and can't see them unless it's pitch black in my room. The lcd screen no longer works. Had this one for a very long time and it's my only one. The keys are very loose or something. You have to press somewhat in the middle of them to get them to press easily.



Never fear! I still got this!

BTW, they're both of those...

Two LED's burnt out. This is right after I just had 4 LED's replaced by them. The browns are fine. It's the keyboard quality that I am disappointhed with. 

Not jelly in the least bit.

My Model M. Can't do anything without it and I have a stockpile of them in a closet for future needs. Got most of them from the school board when they were "upgrading" their current computers. They were pretty much brand new, some in the boxes. This one was missing an esc key, since then I got a new desk and an esc key.



K90, It rules!

Lucky for you. Those are extremely hard to find at my place, from my experience. I found one for sale, but at $321 NZD

Not really sure what this is.... all I know is its out of a Toshiba with a dual core

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Ducky DK9087S, Cherry MX Brown version, 1318/2012, quite a ricer but I like backlighting as I find it reliable at night, but holy fucknuts it's sooo bright, even at its minimal settings



Deck Legend Ice with Cherry MX Clear switches