Should welfare recipients be randomly drug tested to continue to receive benefit checks?

as i said in the video yes they should be forced to do a drug test 

If we aren't drug testing them now how do we know that 60% buy drugs with it?

in america they do drug tests in cananda they do not which they should the 60% were the ones caught and removed from the program this year alone i don't know about you but i wouldn't want to feed a persons drug habbit

what's so controversal about drug test, you pee in a cup and if you don't do anything you shouldn't then you get money for living in poverty






the thing is most people in cananda that are on welfare do drugs and if drug tests are put in then when they are found to be on drugs they are kicked off of welfare so it's a big deal here since most people i know on welfare do coke and weed which thank god i never hang with them besides skype 

okay so what they don't deserve it then, what is the big deal, there wasn't a big deal everyone when they decided to make Meth illegal, all the people didn't feel sorry for the meth dealers so why should we for the coke smoking dopeheads leaching off taxpayers money

I really do not see the conflict here

what i was saying in the video was they need to make random drug test legal for wlefare people in cananda i think you have been mixed up we do not need drug doing leeches anymore using the welfare money for drugs

yeah I know I'm agreeing with you, this shouldn't even be a problem

Can someone find a link to the study where 60% of Canadian welfare recipients failed drug tests.

I agree with the whole schmeer, If you are using werlfare to trade for drugs, you don't need it, get a job...

And i mean only illegal drugs.....

I'd respect your opinion a bit more, if you would use proper grammar.

Now, onto why we shouldn't. 90% of everyone on welfare does in fact have children, now that's a made up statistic, however it's probably pretty close to the actual statistic. So, if we remove their welfare, they cannot feed their kids. Now, you may be saying, "They don't feed their kids with the money, anyways". Well, yes they do, however they do not feed their kids 3 solid meals a day, they feed the kids enough to survive. Removing that benefit means that they cannot pay for anything, not their house, not their food, not their anything. It would cause more homelessness, and drug addicts, than it's causing already. There's be far more crime, prositution, etc. What do you think a drug crazed person, who can no longer get their fix, is going to do when they have no money? Rob someone, and could potentionally kill someone in the process.

This is a ludicris idea, and should never happen.

What should happen, is a government run detox program, wherein the people who need drugs, get their fix for free, and get detoxed at the same time. It's far too long for me to explain, but I'm sure you can conjure up something close to my idea.

You can test them when you test everyone, and if you can live in a country that tests people without a warrant then that's just fine.
If you find someone committing a crime then send them to jail after they have had a fair trial. If not then it's innocent until proven guilty. My point is you are a citizen will full right under the law whoever you are, however rich or poor.

CAMH is concerned that denying welfare benefits to individuals who do not comply with an abstinence-based treatment program would fail to take into account current knowledge about the cyclical nature of addictions management, where 70% of individuals experience at least one relapse after the first year of their progress toward recovery

Doesn't really have anything to do with that 60% staistic, but it shows that the government has at least tried to drug test welfare recepients, and the idea failed.

and it was in america the 60% were caught not cananda and grammar is not needed and that will always be my point of view it's a video in english which was very easy to understand if you want proper grammar make the video your self 

All you have to do is, if they fail the drug test, take their welfare AND their kids away. Then you have fixed 2 problems (the parent buying drugs with tax payer's money, and the kids no longer being fed by said parent) with one stone. I'm tired of scum leeching of free money to buy drugs. Maybe if they were actually using the money to feed their kids and they were trying to get a job I wouldn't feel bad for them but I personally know people who do drugs and who are on the welfare system and the majority of them are simply lazy as fuck and don't care about their kids or getting a job.

There is a very small percentage of people who legitimately need and use the welfare system, everyone else is just lazy and wants free hand-outs to support their shit-ass lifestyle.

Read Hunter S. Thompson's link. And I am official calling bullshit till you can prove otherwise on this 60% of welfare recipients abuse drugs.


What you said makes no sense. I am going to beat a dead horse with this arugment but here I go.

If you work for a company that supplies you money they require that you take a drug test correct? So if someone is first of all receiving money for no services or any kind of repayment back to society why shouldn't they be required to take a drug test.

So you are telling me you are fine with these people taking money from your paycheck to not have a job and just do drugs with it no matter what percentage. I am fine with welfare being a program and giving my money to it to help people who aren't going to abuse it.

If someone is giving you something they are allowed to have stipulations attached to it. Come the day they no longer are on welfare and can get their drugs through some way that does not cost the tax payer a penny or myself anything by all means go ahead and do drugs and not get tested I could care less at that point.

By your logic here, then it is unjust for any type of drugtest in sports, the work feild anything. We should all just be able to do illegal drugs and live in world of wtf correct?

I looked, couldn't find anything but the link Hunter posted disputed your claim. And since you made a video about drug testing welfare recipients in which you claimed 60% of welfare recipients abuse drugs I thought you would have a link.

The way i look at this is that if people can afford drugs, beer and tobacco they dont need government help. It only acts as a crutch and give people reasons to stay on thier butts doing nothing. The way i see it is if they are recieving money from me (which as a tax paying citezen they are) then there should be more controll over what the money goes to pay. One good way would be to have welfare money go straight to the power company and water cable should not be allowed as it is an extra leisure time activity, but i would say a low end internet conection could be had since it is so much easier to go online to apply for work and would actually save money compared to driving around town twice a week getting applications, This being said i do have family on welfare and they dont do what they are suposed to when it comes to getting jobs or even taking care of thier family and it really irritates me, seeing how i have had a job since I was 15 up untill i turned 30 and am now back in school, and have been unemployed for a year that they get almost $2,000 a month in food stamps and welfare and still have to borrow money on occasion to pay bills but can afford to go thru a quarter bag of weed every few days. JUST DOSENT MAKE ANY SENSE