Should we be using Linux as our main OS for gaming RIGHT NOW?

Basically, take the meaning of the title literally and theres the blog post. I just want your guys opinions on using Ubuntu Linux as a primary OS for gaming. With steam being on Linux now, I don't seewhy we cant use it now. I mean TF2 is playable on linux! Thats like my fav game. L4D2 is coming and hopefully CS:GO. 

Thatnks for reading guys. Theres probably about a dozen posts like this so I hope this doesnt make you guys frustratedor anything. Comment your opinions. :)

I need AAA games first as much as i like my debian computers its just not worth it to use it as my main gameing os yet 

I have to agree with cooperman, I want some AAA Titles before I fully switch.

We should, but we can't, because our favorite games won't run on at at maximum spec...

Also I'm having serious doubts about Ubuntu as gaming platform for the moment, even though Steam has teamed up with Ubuntu, the STeam client and games seem to just run better on Fedora, Arch, OpenSuSE, Debian, Mageia, etc... than on Ubuntu, where a lot of games won't work and there are often a lot of obstacles to get even the steam client running without problems.

ubuntu is shit.... i bought an ubuntu server vps, and its been a nightmare. debian or centos is where its at.

running arch on my laptop for that ultimate /g/ rice

Hopefully it doesnt take them too long to port some aaa titles to linux. Id love to use linux as my main os.

I've been using mint for a while, I like it much better than Ubuntu

Like the guys said, I will wait for some AAA titles to show up before completely removing windows.

However, you can switch to Ubuntu, or whatever you prefer, play TF2 there, and if you still want to play stuff on windows, get a virtual box going inside ubuntu, and run windows from there, so you don't have to reboot or anything everytime you switch. P.S. this is not a perfect plan, depending on your hardware and what game you play there could be some incompatibility or unstability on the gaming experience.



I am just wondering but why is this posted as a blog?

sadly the drivers just arent there yet for many of us, i know i get ok performance in windows, then when i tried tf2 in ubuntu it wasn't even playable

though i think i remember logan or someone mentioning unity being a problem and messing with games, like you might just have to switch to Gnome or something and it'll play just fine... i'll have to test that later tonight

Mint IS Ubuntu but reskinned and it comes with more things than Ubuntu.

The moment I get my 7790 I will be formating my hard drive and installing Linux on it but I will install xen because it has vga pass through and virtualize windows for muh games.

yeah, it doesn't game any better with Gnome


With Alienware selling some of their desktops with Ubuntu pre-installed I'd expect to see a lot more AAA titles coming to Linux... I'm really looking forward to a future of gaming without having to deal with the BS windows shoves down our throats.

(This is from one of the foolish people who made the switch to windows 8) 

That's one of the reasons why I'm so tempted to switch to Linux. Wondows 8 is crap. Also Linux is free. It's time to give penguins a chance. The only thing stopping me is the fact that there are really a few amout of AAA titles. :(

Not that I like Ubuntu or promoting it but 13.04 coming out this month is supposed to make major improvements over past versions and since Ubuntu decided not to use Wayland they built their own replacement called MIR that is supposed to be in the new release and a lot of prople have been saying it's more responsive.  It will be interesting to see how well the finished version works because the beta is already pretty good as far as Ubuntu goes.

^^^ i lost all respect for ubuntu after 10.04LTS just trying to be windows 8 too much 

+1, 12.04 was still decent except for unity, but after that, man, what a mess, I think canonical codes by printing out perfectly good debian code on paper, then chewing the paper in their mouth until it's pulp, then spit it out on a hot plate, bake it to a crisp, then character recognition scan it, voila, new ubuntu code...

Does  linux have an official dev team? Like Windows is to Microsoft and Ubuntu is to..?