Should those of us with 7950 and 7970 just sell?

Got bored and went on amazon, used 7905 are going for about $450 and 7970 a bit over $500. Thats enough to (about) get a 780. The crypto currency is getting crazy, and I'm wondering if it wouldnt be easier to just sell my gpu to make money off of the crazy instead of mining them myself xD

If you have access to free power (or at least very cheap) then its worthwhile mining ~ 24/7 that is. Individual mining is sort of past the point really of being economically viable. Even litecoin now is getting real tough.

Yeah the prices are getting pretty nuts, half tempted to flog mine as well.

Yes. Sell for around $400 and find a store that sells r9 290s at original msrp and replace the 7970s with those. Sold my matrix 7970 for $400 (not the best deal for me) and bought an r9 290. you can get 290s to 1000khash/s (if you get a good one) and mine with that.

I kinda got free power at the dorm, but they block p2p on the campus network. If I had 2 or 3 79x0 I would set up something and leave it running at home doing doge coin or something and trade up to lite or bit coin. But as it is now it almost looks like it may be smarter to just sell it for a 780. 

Can't mine, I live in a dorm and the college blocks p2p. 

Use a proxy, like TOR.

I sold my 7950 and got a 280x. Go for it.

You could mine some Dogecoins c;