Should there be a pc-gaming hardware standardization?

It´s nice that gamers have found again the joy of building their own computers.

First PC-game i played was tetris (MS-DOS -version) and after that Wolfenstein, Doom etc.That should tell how long i have played pc-games.

My love for pc-gaming died 2007. I was so tired upgrading my graphics card and other hardware allmost every year and tweaking graphics-settings for my games, in order to get the smoohtest framerate. I have to admit that i have never liked the default keymapping in FPS-games and  the "right-click-aiming" default mouse setting. PC-gamecontrollers circa 2005 were still a bit laggy and imprecise for multiplayer FPS-games.

Piracy and hacking/cracking (aimbots, glitch-exploiting etc.)  which resulted to DRM-protection didn´t really help to ease my frustration.

What did i do ? It´s kinda obvious... I bought a game console. Less eyecandy but out-of-the-box -functionality and no need for tweaking.

My question to you is: Should there be pc-gaming hardware standardization ?

I´d like to buy a pc,which is rated for it´s gaming performance. i´d would l like know when i unbox  the PC that i just bought runs, for example, Battlefield 3 smoothly with ultra graphics settings with at least 1080p resolution. 

Would big computer manufacturers (ASUS, DELL, ACER, etc.) commit to follow such standards ?










The problem with that is that the hardware evolution goes fast, really fast and the market for a PC that will be able to run the latest games in lets say 5 years in ultra high detail is small, very small.

The thing with consoles is that they're lacking behind big time on hardware so they can't play on high (or even medium) setting any more compared to the PC.

However, companies like Dell are already selling ready made gaming PC's (Alienware, etc.).

Also, I would not want there to be an "PC gaming standard", just because choosing your own components is just what makes the PC the PC.

I'm still using my computer from 2008. Even then the computer I built was OK for its time. I planning buidling a new one and one that will last me for 4+ years when i'll buy a whole new system again. 

its called consoles and they aren't exactly the answer

If your looking for a computer like that well go ahead to sites like cyberpower and build your pc it will show you what framerate at what resolution and settings you'll be estimated to get.

Computer gamings biggest strength is in the ability to use what components and desires you wish. Many people prefer the PC as they can install what they want and tweak it as they see fit. Having to upgrade components like your graphics card on a regular basis does suck but its the price that needs to be paid for better graphics performance.