Should I?

Well, I was looking through the forums and found this post (Thanks, Nomad The Wolf):

Anyways, if you followed the link (or read the web-adress) you'll see that the i7 3770K is at the outrageously low price of $229.99 ($90 cheaper than anywhere else I can find it). Only at MicroCenter. Luckily, I have a MicroCenter about 40 Miles away in Detriot (i'm actally not that lucky, come to think of it). 

I was origianlly planning on puchasing the i5 3570K, which is only $189.99 at MicroCenter. I believe the predicament is fairly clear now. Is it worth the extra $40 to move from an i5 to an i7. Are there any actual advantages that stand out which are exclusive to the i7 3770K? Thanks in advance. 



In gaming their is only a 3-4fps difference betwwen the i5 and i7, but if you are using adobe, sony vegas, ect then the i7 would be best. For $40 dollars more I would get an i7, but if you cannot afford $40 extra dollars then the i5 would be fine

That 40 is payed in return though. I'm pretty sure the deal is a movie cpu combo 

The real difference is Hyper-Threading. There is a minor clockspeed difference, but given the unlocked multipliers, that is easily remedied for about identical performance (at least within margin of error). In some games, Hyper-Threading may actually hurt performance, but others might benefit (the ones that scale really well with cores), but in either case, the maginute in which hyperthread affects gaming performance is pretty minimal as there are very few, if any, games that scale well beyond 4 cores/threads.

If you plan on doing some editing, transcoding, or something like that, definately go for the i7. If gaming is the most intensive task you're doing the vast mojority of the time, get the i5.