Should I wait?

Hey, I was planning to build a new gaming PC right now and I was going to use a GTX 780 but in the past 2-3 weeks there have been many news about the new R290X from AMD and the new GTX780ti from Nvidia. So my question to Logan, Pistol, Wendel and Qain is:

Should i wait for the new graphics cards to come and then build my new PC in order to benefit from the new technology or lower prices for the existing GPUs or should I build it now?

If you think I have to wait, when do you think are these GPUs coming to the consumers?

Thanks :)



Since they have already been flashed about, I'm certain it isn't going to be too much longer before these GPUs are released.  And I'm certain once they are released, there is bound to be some competition in price and performance.