Should I wait for X670?

So I found a fairly decent deal on a Ryzen 7 5800X and I was wonder if I should wait for the X670 boards to come out? Since X570 was really made to be paired with Zen 2 processors. I currently have a Ryzen 7 2700X with an X470 motherboard and I’m only really doing this upgrade since the processor I am getting is at a good price.

Sure I can understand this but isn’t the next gen chipset going to be moving to the new AM5 standard and this doesn’t appear to even be a PGA socket any longer but LGA like on the Intel side.

I’m currently using a Gigabyte X570 Master + 5800x CPU combo and it will probably serve me for quite some time.

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You can always wait. But it is likely that x670 or whatever zen4 will be released in 2022 if not in the butt end of it. So if you can wait possibly a year and a half, then sure. If not zen 3 is great in present terms.

Yeah, I am even wondering if I should upgrade. I don’t game much and honestly I could use more cores to run VM’s if I decide to scale down my VM server cluster at home and also compile code. Maybe, I should just go with Threadripper?

x570s (refresh) is designed for zen3. It also lacks a chipset fan. So you wouldn’t risk burning that out like on og x570. If the fan dies that is.

I didn’t realize X570s was built for Zen 3. Interesting cause I was looking at X570s boards.

Well it isn’t that it is built for solely for zen3. It will have out of the box support likely. without a bios update. Also, zen2 vs zen3. Not very different. I mean they are closer to each other in terms of architecture than zen+ is to zen2. If I were a betting man, which I sometimes am, I would wager x670 will be a new socket. i.e. zen4, lga, ddr5, etc.

If X670 ever go into Zen4, its going to be a new achitecture and probably a new process node. Couple that with a possible first DDR5 implementation, you are going to get a very rough experience with everyone doing stuff for the first time with the above combination.

If you are a dev or maybe you like the academic experience of running everything on the bleeding edge or maybe you want to have fun and play atound with new stuff, sure you can wait for X670.

Otherwise, the manufacturing and support for X570 and zen3 is very mature. If you value sanity and stability, this is probably the platform you want to wait for a long time. Or maybe wait for intel. They seem to start to get their shit together now.


It is rumored to be a new socket and no longer pga. but lga.

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Yeah, I prefer stability over bleeding edge. When Zen 2 came out I just went to Zen+ plus cause I knew everything would work out of the box for me.

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This I would agree with, except it is big little (alder lake) and future plans. So maybe alder lake will have some teething issues, but after that. It might be more like zen to zen+. or zen2 to zen3. a more mature version. Takes this with a grain of salt. But rumors of the 16 core alder lake show it beating a 5950x in both ipc and multicore performance. But again it is likely to not be without issues in the beginning. Windows 10 is not built on big little, and I believe intel stated alder lake will require windows 11.

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Honestly, I’m in the boat of ride out whatever hardware you got til it’s a bottleneck or dies!

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According to rumors that are more strongly popup lately,
X670 is likely going to be a LGA socket.
So it won’t be backwards compatible with current gen cpu’s.

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Don’t waste your money.

Check if your mobo supports 5000 series processors. You may not need to replace the board.
Also, if I was in your situation I would not touch anything in my system. I would just hold on until there is an issue or any actual reason to upgrade.

BTW I haven’t read all of the replies so far…

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