Should I wait for Nvidia's GTX 700 series or not?

I know that this question has probably asked a lot, but I haven't been able to find much within the first 5 pages of the forums so I figured that I would ask anyway. 

In the next month or two, or maybe beyond that depending on how things play out, I am planning on building my first gaming PC. I already have a few builds in mind and was planning on waiting to get some more information about the performance and price point of the 4th generation Intel CPU's before making a decision. From what I hear, the CPU's are supposed to be coming out fairly soon, but I have not been able to get any solid information about the GTX 700 series. All I have really been able to get is that it is supposed to be released sometime this year (possibly around the same time as Haswell, though many sites/people say Q3 or Q4), and the performance difference between the 680 and the 780 might be comparable to the difference between the 580 and the 680 though I doubt that seeing as how the 780 would just be a refresh instead of all new architecture.

I know that if I always wait for the next upgrade, I'll never build anything but I don't want to buy a 680 or 670 now if it's going to be obsolete in 3 months. However, my current computer, a laptop from I think 2009 is aging fast (Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD 3750m, whatever hard drive speed that came before 5400rpm) so I don't want to wait too long to upgrade either...

There's just too many freaking rumors going around to get any clear information on what's going on.

Thanks for any information or input, and I apologize if this question is asked frequently.

Okay i'm in the same boat as you right now tbh. I'm getting a brand new PC around August. I'm personally gunna see what happens around that time but I garantee you that the 670 or 680 won't be obsolete! Games won't suddenly ramp up in quality just because a new generation of cards have came out! (BF3 came out before the 680 came out and the 580 still ran at around a constant 60fps. It will be the same now! Yes the 700 series will be an improvement, but there's one more consideration. Say if they bring out toned down versions of the Titan, I'd wait for the 700 series just because of that huge leap (almost a double) of high end cards. I think you won't do yourself any harm by getting a high end GPU in a few months (May/June time) because by then you could have got the money back, or you could sell the 680 and use the money towards a new card? :)

You could just get an AMD card? Ya know, more performance for you buck and they're going to seriously improve as AMD are upping their driver game considering how bad they've been in the past so your card will actually get considerably better as time goes on..

I know that AMD cards give you more for your money, but many of the games I am playing/planning on playing are optimized for Nvidia cards, so I am leaning more towards those right now. I'm also going to get a 120hz monitor, possibly take advantage of the 3D capabilities, and of course Nvidia is the better option for that. 

However, with the amount of AMD optimized games coming out recently I may change my mind in the future.

I know that this question is not relevant but what 120hz monitor are you getting? I am in the middle of trying to find a good 120hz gaming monitor. :)

Don't bother with 3D. For one thing, who cares. For another thing, you're going to have to go with a pretty insane setup for that.

And if you want PHYSX then take a cheap nVidia card and get the hacked drivers for it. Then run it with your AMD card. Boom. Dedicated PHYSX card.

I was thinking of getting this one. It gets decent reviews, it's priced pretty reasonably, and if you only want 120hz, it doesn't come 3D ready (as in you have to buy Nvidia's 3D Vision set for about $100, if you want it). From what I can tell, it's pretty popular as well.