Should i wait for next gen laptop or buy now

hello im not sure if it would be more beneficial to me to wait for next gen laptop to comme out or get one now whit curent gen spec if it help my buget is max 700 so what do you guy think

Do you mean the notebooks with Haswell integrated graphics? Apparently, they are going to be quite capable. I've seen them run games pretty smoothly. Most of the big corporations are targeting the mobile market and Haswell is only a few weeks away. I think it is worth seeing if there are any new laptops that suit your budget.

im going for a descrete gpu by nvidia or amd

For 700 dollars you are not going to get a mobile graphics chip that can compete with integrated graphics. You are dreaming.

I would wait at that budget. Like it was mentioned you are not looking at an i7/discrete setup at $700. Your best bet it to wait and go for i7 haswell with integrated. Or if you up a bit in your budget I would look for a clevo. They are generally OK on build quality, not great, but you usually can swap out the discrete cards, as they are made as "kits" that are assembled by 3rd parties, so you can generally swap out components pretty easily. 

not realy i found this it has a gt635 descreate gpu 

w ait for the haswell why add battery drain and cooling stress when the intel 5000

will triple the shader count from the 4000 my i7 3610qm plays dvd's flawlessly with no frame drops the haswell will be gamer ready.

but if im getting a descrete gpu i dont care about intel intergrated graphique so what do you think

pl9090, if you're going to be gaming on a laptop, the Intel integrated graphics of the next product line of CPUs will handle games. You can save yourself money and get the performance you need, why is that a bad thing?