Should I use 64-bit or 32-bit Java?

So I have the newest version of 64-bit windows 10, but I am using 32-bit Java, should I change to 64-bit Java? Or does it not make any difference. (If I should get 64-bit java could you please link me where to download it?)

Also, am I supposed to uninstall old Java updates? I looked through my installed programs and two javas are there, one is much older than the other, (here they are)

Thanks to anyone who helps me out

I'd imagine the 64 bit version of Java would let you use more RAM if needed, so probably that

but must you use Java?

also if you're doing programming you might want to dual boot GNU/Linux

Also one more thing, I use Avast and I used the "Scan for performance issues" option and it came up with some, but I do not have the full version for avast to automatically change these for me. Does anyone know if doing these will actually do anything? Heres a screenshot:

Thanks for the suggestion, I don't really need that so I guess i'll stick with 32-bit. Also should I uninstall the old Java? Or leave it there?

Yes you should


Learn to use something that isn't Java.

Anti-virus is highly unnecessary

the 32-bit version probably has better legacy compatibility, but that's probably not enough to worry about using it, and ya what he said ^

if your playing minecraft with lots of mods and have over 4 gbs of ram i would highly suggest 64bit java. If you are just a casual user just stick with 32bit its easier to install, update, and manage.

it depends on what browsers you use.
Basicly i would suggest to install both.

Uninstall both the versions and install the latest 64 bit version, you can get that from here:

Java is a standard in a lot of industries, whether you like the language or hate it like me.

I actually have a project that will crash the 32-but jvm in the field. So I use 64 both in development and it's used where it's deployed

thank you

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