Should I Upgrade?

I have two R9-270x's in Crossfire (ASUS Direct CU II's to be exact)

Now with Games they Run Buttery Smooth with Exceptions of Some Games Like Skyrim Modded to hell. Tomb Raider, Crysis 3 and Shadow Warrior (Reboot)  and older games there is some screen tearing but its rarely noticeable.

this was a My Console Killer so i Built a Crossfire System for $1250 at the time.

but i didn't think problems with crossfire were this much of a headache.

For Example Skyrim has a Retarded ton of issues with crossfire with ENB Settings. the game is TOO bright or TOO Dark and the DOF blurrs the game until i disable crossfire and it looks perfect.

Crysis has Occasional Screen Tearing but its Rarely noticeable.

will An Upgrade to an R9-290 Outperform this and should i do it? cause i dont want to sacrifice my performance but i want to go with a Single GPU cause of the headaches with crossfire.

Mantle and True Audio is important to me. at least right now after hearing so much from CES Coverage from Linus, Logan and Everyone.


well if you could sell you 270X es for a good price and then you can buy  Sapphire R9-290 Tri X OC then i think that i would do it, but im personaly not a big fan of dual gpu setups in the first place, because like you just found out your self, the headaces that comes with it. ☺ about the pure gaming performance two 270X will be a bit equal against a single 290. but with the single 290, you wont have those headaces.

But if im right true audio is only availeble on a 290X or a 260X, so you will miss on that point going with a 290 non X.

I checked on the AMD Site both R9-290 and R9-290x both have support for True Audio/Mantle and all that goodness. thanks for the help though.


Your right  about the true audio thing, only the 270 (X) and the 280X don´t have it. ☺