Should I upgrade?

Hey guys just wondering what your opinions are. Im a student in game design and I use programs like zbrush, 3ds max, photoshop, unity and Unreal engine. Im currently using a i7-2600k for my CPU. Would it be worth the upgrade to a socket 2011 CPU?



I don't think you need to as a student. The i7-2600k still has life in it as a processor. I would consider upgrading storage, ram, or GPU in the short term if you are looking for increasing the performance of your machine.

SSD's or getting more ram to create a ram drive to work from can really increase performance for lower cost.

Now in the long run... I would say definitely as you move into the professional market and use the machine to make money. For now I would say keep what you got until you are ready for a full system overhaul. Save money til then.

Then, again.. if you got a lot of money to burn.. why not, but when I was a student I didn't have that kind of money, and I think the different will be night and day, but rather faster rendering times on big projects and etc. But a lot of that can be done on GPU's for less than upgrading the entire system.

Alright sounds good, and yah I dont have that kind of money to burn, I might save for a gpu and I do plan on upgrading my current ssd I only have a 120gigs, I would like to try and get something in the 250gig range. But thanks for the help


Check out for prices on SSD's. The price on 256gb models have really come down. the Samsung evo's are really good and have a 5 year warranty on them.