Should I upgrade?

just checked circuit city website they dont have of the 9 series card or even the 8800 all 8600 and lower

no fry in nyc <.< that i know of

Both of their websites suck. They don't put up any of the real stuff they have. You have to actually go and look. I went to our area's circuit city this weekend; they had an 8800GTS KO edition, a few 9600GTs, and a GTX 260 which I wanted to take, run and make love with in my car. Nah, maybe not that much. Maybe if the GTX 260 was a hot girl though.

lol i think the 8 pin connector is too small

when i went to best buy last weekened they had the 9800 gt PNy the box looked sny but i would rather go with evga

PNY = Flash memory company...nothing more. Definitely not what you want for a graphics card if you want service/overclockability/reliability. That's like getting a gigabyte graphics card. I like their motherboards and all, but I'd never even touch anything else they make. XFX, EVGA, and BFG are the top dogs as of now.