Should I upgrade?

I'm getting paid this Friday and I want to upgrade my video card from a 8600GT to a 9800GT SC. Power supply and card length are not an issue for the 9800GT. I'm just wondering if it's worth the upgrade.

Here's the 9800GT I'm getting:

get a 9800 gtx+ save up money

I only got a 500 watt power supply =(

9800 gtx+ will run in your 500 watts

9800GTX+ for ultimate win.

save money n get 9800GTX+

i hate you i have the 8600gt and i hate it and would love to get one though my cpu will bottle neck my gpu my mobo is 1.0 my powersupply is too weak yah might as build a new computer damn intel core 2 duo e4300

The 9800 GT is an excellent card, but rather than getting the SC, I'd just get the regular version and OC it myself. There are plenty of easy guides on how, and with that new 55nm die shrink, it would OC a lot better, cooler, and more energy efficient. Here's a link to some NewEgg deals. There just so happens to be one for the 9800GT and has a promo code for a slight discount. It's the hybrid power edition and..."Free Enemy Territory Quake Wars Game, limited supplies" =P

On second thought, here's the promo code: EMCBACJDJ. Email got leaked from the link =3

Here's the actual card itself. It comes with HDMI which is also a bonus.

i think that it would not be a big enough jump. it would be a very small jump i think. so i would save up for 9800gtx, or just not buy at all i guess... what resolution are you playing at?

Not a big enough Jump? =O? BLASPHEMY. Dude, an 8600 GT cant play Crysis, can't play or can barely play UT3, can't do rendering that well, runs PhysX like that of an asthmatic obese boy. A 9800 GTX is a small jump to that of a 9800 GT, and costs 20-40 dollars more...And comparing to a 9800 GTX+, you might as well get two 9800 GTs and SLI them. It outperforms the 9800 GTX+ and it's probably around the same price.

herm... maybe you have a point sir.

"runs PhysX like that of an asthmatic obese boy" dude snarling u make me lol

that was me like 5 years ago im 15 now yah it 8600 gt sucks

it plays crysis like a fatchick running the marathon it sucks thats why i play crysis on my laptop 9700gt

just save up for like a month first new cards are suspose to come out by then but wat catergory they're in i ...

yah i would wait the price would drop a little

Black Friday....I gotta start saving up =O. Gonna maybe get a 4870, sell my 9800 GTX+, then get a 4870 from a Black Friday Sale. Lol. We'll see. Or I'll step up to a GTX 260 or 280. But yeah, back on topic; Patience is golden. Especially since we're approaching holiday season.

black friday what freaking tore in america sells graphics cards besides the self owned family computer store? which dont do the black friday saving

and best buy and circuit city dont carry evga only PNY or visiontec

NewEgg has black Friday sales...Bestbuy had a 35% off graphics cards thing...Circuit City carries EVGA, Best buy carries XFX and BFG

(embarrassed) i just got owned but graphics card are going to be easy to buy on balck friday as a fact that that 99% of people that wait infront of these stores are going for plasmas lol im going to pick up a 9800 gt at circuit city and i didnt know new egg has black friday sale lol awesome but no store sells cpus i wonder why best buy and circuit city dont sell cpus and mother board there freaking electronic stores ... i have ocd

I heard Fry's sells CPUs, in fact, I'm sure they do. My friend got all of his parts for his build there. CPU included.