Should i... upgrade to windows 7 beta or clean ins

im using vista, should i just use the upgrade option? im too lazy to make a partition, and i've nothing valuable.

ummm I have no idea what your saying lol

he meant that, if he should delete all his files and install(clean install), or just replace os nothing will be loss(upgrade). I just did a clean install today, but then again i didnt want any of the shit anyways. depends on u if u dont mind backingup all your stuff or reinstalling programs then clean.

if you don't have anything important on your computer just do a clean install that way you'll be sure that there wont be any nasty viruses on it but if you need some of your stuff either back it up on DVDs or or another a hard drive.

Dont install win7 its still in beta i tried it and it failed after two weeks

But do a clean install don't trust Microsoft to backup your files