Should I upgrade to Noctuas?

I have a corsair 350D with a H100i installed. I plan on replacing the single 140mm in the front with 2 NF-A14 PPC 2000rpm fans and replacing the stock H100i fans with NF-F12 PPC 2000rpm fans. Due to this being a big investment (£90) I was wondering if you guys thought that it would be worth it?

I find that the single front intake isn't quite enough to maintain positive pressure and I find the stock H100i fans to be rather loud and ineffective even without an overclock.

Would you guys suggest any other fans or do you think this would be a good investment into maintaining a cool and quiet system?

NOcs are great....just most are ugly....I am painting mine when they get here.

I was going to get the PPC black ones? I have heard painting them ruins the micro finish on the blades are reduces performance quiet badly so I thought you may like the heads up! They have a special texture on them to ensure the best performance and the paint ruins that supposedly. 

It is a non-issue, Most people painting them, do not know what to paint them with. Thanks for the heads up though.

Well, painting a fan can cause imbalance and many other issues.  As long as the paint is light, I'm sure it's fine.