Should i upgrade or buy new

i'm soon getting in to some money, i dont know if i should upgrade my current PC or buy new

i'm not much of a hard-core gamer( but i want it to do the job in battlefield, CS:GO and other games)

i'm semi into editing videos and other stuff

here's my current build :

give me some suggestions of what i should upgrade, i'm hoping that you guys could include the bitfenix prodigy ITX version in your suggestions


That's not even too bad. What are you planning to spend on this?

Personally I prefer to save up and build a completely new system every 4 years or so. No one can make product recommendations without a budget!

One thing straight away: UPGRADE YOUR RAM. 1333 on an AMD rig is asking for trouble. 1600MHz or better. Then upgrade your CPU to and Athlon X4 860K since you are using a 260X there is no need for the A8. Plus the 860K is a newer tech.  Maybe boost the GPU to the 270X or 285.

Upgrading the GPU and RAM is the most I would do. An upgrade for the CPU doesn't seem necessary, but if there's a need for more cores, go for it.

Well it really depends how much would you be willing to spend on a new system?

i was just planning on switching out the case and motherboard. i'm also planning on getting new screens so if you could include that in the budget

my budget is around 1000-1500$

i will prefferably upgrade.

Not sure if you want multiple screens or not.  That's the tower changes I'd make.  I would have gone with the R9 290 but I didn't want to stress the CX500 out too much.

well ram speeds dont make any sense, also not on AMD.

higherspeed ram only makes sense if you use an APU or IGPU based setup, so no dedicated gpu

basicly a cpu + mobo + gpu upgrade and you are basicly done.

What is your budget?

Those Corsair CX500 units are not that bad realy, they still have a Channel Well board inside.

I reckon sell your existing rig (get around $300 for it). Then get something like this. - just keep your HDD and maybe the cpu cooler (if you do use the nb or noctua fan on it if you havent already). PSU is overkill but your budget is high and its fully modular and it'll be uber quiet for the load you'd be putting it under. Also that kingston ssd is a time bomb, so I'd part ways with it while you can.

Spend whats left on a nice ips monitor setup + some nice speakers / usb DAC etc.

Just my opinion feel free to ignore.