Should I upgrade my motherboard?

Currently I have this motherboard, entering these specs because I don't know exactly what I need to list. If you need something else, let me know and I will add.

I would like to upgrade it because frankly, I am tired of seeing the Alienware logo on the bios every time I turn on my computer. Plus, for some reason I can never successfully get onto the setup page.

I got this machine around two years ago for Christmas, when my parents didn't want me trying to build a machine that wouldn't work. But now that my knowledge has increased much more, I am thinking of replacing it. Especially because I am getting a new case in about a month as the start of upgrades to my computer.

So, my questions are.. Would it be worth even upgrading it? And which motherboard should I get that is decently affordable for what it does?

Edit: Another question being, do you think that this power supply is something I should think about getting?

If not, what about:

I am wanting the motherboard since I am getting a new case soon-ish, and would like to have it by then since that way I wouldn't have to re-do everything again if I got the motherboard after the case. This power supply seems like it would help quite a bit for overclocking, as well as letting me have some room for a GPU upgrade later on down the road.

  This system from what I can see was assembled by Dell Co. There is a lot of information here regarding which board is actually in your system depending on the specific model you have. The BIOS should have a “do not show splash screen on start up” if the logo is your biggest headache. Price VS performance is an important question you need to ask yourself when considering a board change. Find out the manufacturer of your motherboard, I believe it is by Intel and see the specific specs on it to judge the necessity of changing it over. Does it have enough SATA ports for your needs, and does it support PCI-E 3.0 and so on. From this article you should be able to find out this information. Best of luck in your search for the answers.


Doesn't matter, my answer was solved when I realized I would need to upgrade my CPU as well because it's X58.