Should I Upgrade My CPU?

I currently have an AMD FX-4170 Zambezi. I was thinking of upgradeing to an AMD FX-8350 Vishera. I play a lot of games but I also want to start doing some music and video editing, as well as recording gameplay videos and raw audio files. Would the $200 be worth getting the 8350 or is my 4170 enugh.

I do know that I could use the extra cores on the 8350 to dedacate to various tasks to take the stress off of the system when recording gameplay; but overall how much better does the 8350 outperform the 4170 to make it worth the upgrade?


Other items of note: I have two 7870s,16GB of ram, liquid cooled everything, and 3DMark says my CPU is my bottleneck.

Ya the fx 4170 is a bit under powered to handle such a beast rig i would reccomend you get the 8350 with a hyper 212 and OC a bit.

Just get the 8350. Works like a dream and it wil work even better with upcoming games like bf4, because next-gen consoles use x86 8-core prosessors

If you are planning to do recording or editing music you might wanna get a professional sound card.Bear that in mind when spending your budget.

8350 is siginifacntly better than your 4170 and is well worth the price.

yes go FX8350, but what mobo do you have? because not every am3+ board is made for a FX8350 overclock

My motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+

should be fine

I dont think I need a hyper 212 I already have EK waterblocks on my RAM CPU and full blocks on both graphics cards. My CPU currently idels at about 15*C and my graphics cards each idle at about 25*C. Both of which are inpressive because my room is usualy very hot even when my computer is not on. At full load I have not seen any of my temps go very far above 50*C either.

Well thank you for the advice everyone. I will be getting the 8350.

I actualy own a Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion. I know that it is more tuned for gameing but it works just fine with what little recording I have already done.