Should I Update from 1366?


Guys i need help with this question.

I want to update from my existing i7(960) overclocked to 4.2 ghz to the brand new Intel Lga 2011 Cpu .

Should i wait or should i wait for the new sandy bridge Ex? 


Oops i forgot to add my specs

G1 assasin motherboard

Ram 12 gb 8-8-8 20 clocked @ 1600 at 1.65v 

Gpu- Gtx 690



Naw, i7 960's still do perfectly fine, I wouldn't worry about it for a while.

naw, your fine. the only big thing that is missing from the 960 is usb 3.0 and sata III, but if you need that, you can get expansion cards. shouldn't be a problem though.

I upgraded from a 920 to a 8350 because I wanted SATA 3 and USB 3.  The 920 is still a great CPU so I might spend a few dollars and make an extra PC, just need a case, PSU, and a low end video card

Thanks for the quick reply guys.

p.s. i have usb3.0 and sata 3 in my mother board already :P 

If you want go a bit future proof and you are doing alot of multitasking then AMD's Piledriver FX processors are great for it. FX 8320/8350 beats i5/i7 in multi-tasking, streaming, 3D modeling(about 20% in Blender) and in some other things, comparable in games and cheaper than i7 3770k and a bit less than i5 3570k.

you're fineeee. Your rigs still solid, you'd only want to upgrade if it cant handle a new game you wanna play.

What brought up the idea of you wanting to upgrade anyway, dude? Is there a game you have trouble running at your desired settings?

It's fine. but if you really do need to upgrade, wait till haswell