Should I try to find a BT card?

I am trying to find a way to connect BT devices to my desktop PC. I don't want to use a dongle, that woult permanently use up a USB port. I would imagine, there are PCI-e cards for that, but I can't make heads or tails of them. Many Wi-Fi cards have good BT capabilitys but I don't need Wi-Fi.

I have a Asus Z87-PLUS motherboard. 


I should havve added, that I have no budget. 
I live in Estonia and most everything ships from Amazon. Newegg is a NO GO.

USB BT adapter. The cheaper, the better they work, because the more generic the hardware inside is. These are available for under 10 EUR, mostly free shipping, because they're so small that they just put them in an envelope. Don't get a 300 m range version, get a 30 m range version, besides the fact that the 300 m range versions are not certified in the EU and pose a real security risk because the signal can be picked up from outside of your house, they also don't work very well, because they are more directional, and will have a lot of dead spots.