Should i switch to linux?

i just checked out some reviews and i really like sabayon 14.01 kde im going to downloadd it and try it.

should i get 14.01 or the 15.03?

Depends on how close you like to have the blade when you shave ;)

what does that even mean?

I'm messing around with the term "bleeding edge" which basically means very new, not really tested a lot. The 15 release is going to be the newest, but also the one that has the most unpredictable-ness. If something were to go wrong, it'd probably go wrong in 15 first.

15 would give you the latest packages, but won't have very good support yet.

so get 14?

I should probably let someone else answer for two reasons:
1) Most of my experience is with Debian. This is Gentoo based, and a rolling release. I don't know how stable the latest rolling release version is vs the other
2) I'm sort of insane and use the betas and alphas and previews and RCs....


Go with whatever is the main download from the website which is 15.03

I say this because if it's good enough to be their main download then it's good enough for you to run as your main OS.

I couldn't find it on Sabayon's website so I looked at Gentoo's and they had 15.03

thanks for the tip

pick up a whatever is the newest weekly the weeklies are the fully tested version

can someone give me a link to sabayan kde 14 i cant find it

There you go. The direct link is


No problem, have fun! :)

Usually not at launch - Play on Linux is essentialy just a collection of install scripts for wines. For the script to be optimized and added to PoL library, there is some time and community effort needed. If you don't mind waiting few months for new titles

Unfortunately, Far Cry 4 is rated Garbage on wineHQ ( ), which means, it's not feasible at the moment. H1Z1 hasn't even got a mention in wineHQ, which doesn't mean you cannot run it, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. AFAIK H1z1 uses Planetside 2 engine, and that game actually runs ok, according to this -

Which isn't often for the best. While the most recent wine version will probably run most previously supported software just fine, for many applications/games, there is one version, that is recommended due to better stability and/or performance.

It doesn't hurt to install it on a virtual machine if you're curious.