Should I switch from Ubuntu Gnome to KDE

Hey guys, so I have been enjoying Ubuntu gnome for about a year now and its definitely much better than unity (what I had been using before). Do you think switching to KUbuntu would be beneficial. I have seen some reviews on KDE plasma and it looks really nice. Which DE do you guys prefer?

I haven't had a pleasant experience with Kubuntu unfortunately, even with Plasma 5. Mostly just with random crashes out of the settings panel.

I'd still recommend loading the iso on a usb, then you can poke around with a live preview and see if you like it or not without installing.


I have used both the Gnome and KDE desktop environments, but I prefer Gnome. However, KDE plasma is still a great desktop environment, that you should try if you're interested in it.

OK, thanks, I will stick with Ubuntu Gnome (:

It depends on what your workflow is. If you like gnome, stick with it. If you want to try it, there's no reason you can't have both installed and just switch DE at login.

I've got Cinnamon, Gnome, XFCE, and i3 installed on my desktop. (though I mostly use i3)

OK, do you know if its possible to have the kde application suite only installed when using the KDE desktop?

You could of course also just install kubuntu in virtualbox,
instead of install it physical on your machine, if the machine itself can handle it.
Then you can see if you like kde or not.
I personaly like it.

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That's where it gets difficult. I'm using mostly GTK based environments, so it's all one happy family.

When you get into Gnome and KDE, you start to get overlap. That's not bad but it is difficult to stop. You could always install Ubuntu on a BTRFS subvol and snapshot it to another, install the KDE utils on there, then edit your grub config, although, that's pretty damn complicated to get done.

@MisteryAngel that's probably the easiest way to give it a try.

Maybe give i3 a look as an alternative...

I also tried gnome and kde and definitely prefer kde.
I tried arch, Manjaro (arch derivative) and kubuntu with kde. They seem stable to me.
I love the many programs that kde offers and their integration into the desktop. (they have a fantastic burning tool called k3b)
It's also very easy to use, especially when you're used to Windows. When using gnome I'm definitely missing a decent taskbar. The gnome extension simply won't do it for me.
So I would definitely recommend kde to a newbie or people, who are not so good with computers.
But since you already get along with gnome... If I was you, I would just try it....