Should I Sli? (780 ti's)

I was wondering if I should run an sli config with the 780 ti's since I already own one and the prices on the gpu's have started dropping. I want to know if there is still sli issues such as frame stuttering and such. I am also running a 2560x1440p res. Here's my specs just in case...


Asus Gtx 780ti

Asus Maximus 6 hero

corsair rm750w

8gb corsair vengeance pro

that should game well

I basically have the same setup as you but i'm not going to sli, not 780ti at least.

I'm gonna get the 980Ti when it comes out near the start of next year, and then if i have enough money for a second 980Ti before the next generation of cards come out, otherwise i'll upgrade the one card again.


One powerful one is more useful than 2 not as powerful ones, that's the multi GPU golden rule.