Should I sell my brand new Z87 to get a Z97?

I was stupid to not wait until the Z97 boards got released and bought myself the Asus Z87-Pro. The one I got in the mail was DOA and I am still awaiting a new one. My question is: should I sell the boxed Z87-PRO and go for something like a ROG Z97 Maximus VII Hero?

Contact the company and tell them you have lost faith in their product and do not wish to have a replacement. Buy a Z97 with the refund

Good idea, I'll give it a try.

They said they would give me a refund for the Z87 and send me a Z97 now :)

Boom! Good result.

What is the deal with ASUS lately... damn... I got 2 DOA z97 Hero Vii's

You should see some of the reviews on Newegg for their Server boards. Seems like half of the reviews are about the board being DOA for a large portion of the new boards.

Wait is that a refund + a board or a refund then pay for the board yourself?