Should I sell both of my GPUs and buy a 980ti or sell one of them and upgrade monitors?

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but it suddenly popped into my head at work. If I sell both my 390x and gtx 970, I will have nearly enough to buy a 980ti.

Currently, i'm using 3x 1600x900 monitors in surround.

Should I sell the 390x and 3x monitors to upgrade to 3x 1080p monitors, or should I sell both GPUs to get a 980ti and run with my current monitors? I'll eventually upgrade my monitors in the future If i end up choosing the 980ti route. Don't know when, though.

I would upgrade the monitors. Maybe sell the 970 if you could considering the 390x is better and has more vram for that three 1080p monitor set up


I concur with the above.

And if you were considering selling both to get a 980ti, I would suggest a Fury X instead.

Have you considered an ultrawide monitor? Might be worthwhile for you.

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Why would you get a fury x over a 980ti?? In most benchmarks the 980ti beats it out and that's before the 980ti is overclocked which the fury x can barely do.

I want three monitors to mount on the wall and multi-task with. Yes, I could do that with an ultra wide... but It's just not the same..

Beacuse It is very good and easily comparable to 980ti and crucially it is not nVidia.

I'd rather not get a Fury X... Nothing against AMD. I love them, but I don't want a short card. It just doesn't look right.

There are the Fury Pro cards. The non reference ones. Gigabyte makes a long card.

But that's even slower...

Yah it still is a good card but once you overclock the 980ti it starts to leave the fury x in the dust. Also I think it's important to give the op constructive advice based on what's best for him not your personal issues you have with nvidia.

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Fury X is great for what it is, but for $650, it's not going to happen.

Fury non x at $550 is good, but i'm not wanting just a small upgrade.

Not even personal, they have a track record of removing features and downgrading old card through drivers. If anything it is consumer advice.

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Dude both sides have thier own issues. Let's not make this another thread that turns into and AMD vs Nvidia crap shoot. There's way to much of that on this website lately.

As I said before. I think his best bet is to keep the 390x and upgrade the monitors.

I'll definitely have a different card by the time that the 980ti becomes obsolete. No telling if it'll be AMD or Nvidia. Only time will tell.

Do you have suggestions on what monitors if i do go that route?

Reason why I was thinking about selling the 390x is because it'll fetch more money than a 970.

You asked why I stated reasons to back them up I have not tried to turn this into a flame war, you are currently trying to by stating that.

I would recommend 3 23 inch monitors with a nice small bezel. Or maybe even a ultra wide monitor?? If you get one of the ultra wide LG ones that have freesync that would work well with your 390x

I want three physical monitors as opposed to one really big one... Just preference...