Should i return my video card?

should i return my video card I have been experiencing many problems over the day and a half i have had it orange screens when play old games such as fear 3 and freezes in garys mod blank screens when trying to play team fortress 2. considering i bought it yesturday it shouldnt have these many problems. i do have the latest version of software and it still seems to continue to have the same issues as well as trying the new 13.6 beta drivers and i am still having problems 

What card, and what OS?

HD7970-DC2-3GD5 this card 

and windows 7

Are you overclocked at all?


Have you tried different versions of drivers?

yes i have used 13.4 and 13.6 beta

i think this is my problem?

Don't think so :|

doesnt seem like it. but i can run furmark perfectly fine but when running games i experince issues with my entire computer freezing up no blue screen just freezing i cant do anything

Sounds like a driver issue. Try more versions, beta drivers, and such.

okay but i am having the same problem as this guy and they are telling him to take it back for an rma

and i did do the vga bios update still having the problem

did you restart each time you changed drivers


and after that i used driver sweep i recently had an nvidia card removed all the software from that i have spent hours putting in stuff and removing stuff but have not tried 13.1 drivers yet