Should I replace my Windows 10 with Windows 7?

May as well just use the standard ISO then.

huh? why?

the no bloat one is way faster. Like wwaaaayy faster. And you don’t have to jump through hoops to turn off all the spyware crap with the standard edition.

What are you measuring this on? Last BIOS Time? How fast an application opens?

My “Last BIOS Time” is something like 1.7 seconds. Everything opens instantaneously, so it’s going to be really hard to say something is going to be “wwaaaayy faster” when I already get immediate response on Windows 10 Professional.

Also, from “google or duckduckgo windows 10 no bloat iso download”





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ye all the “probablys” in that comment are wrong, windows update works and auto driver downloads work, but there isn’t paint or store. IDK man, I like it. It’s very minimal and speedy. It’s just my opinion. I’m not saying it’s a “must download” or whatever, but it’s a neat way to get Win10 up and running quick without having to go through all the steps to optimize its speed/get rid of the junk.

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I am on Win7 as we speak. Also no Windows Store. TBH, I don’t feel like I am missing out.

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You cherry picked one bullet out of a potential endless list of issues that stem from running a broken, hacked ISO of Windows.

My overall point is not to recommend malicious, insecure software to users. The whole “it works for me” is the biggest fallacy in technology and should not be used as a testament of something being safe, secure, reliable, or functional.

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Yes, I cherry picked one. IMO it was a better reply than “use Linux”.

Using some random ISO found online is not a good idea, I agree. However some of the points made are of little value. Not everyone needs the features Windows10 presents.
There is also the problem that Microsoft does a lot of deciding for the user. For average users, this results in annoyances to confusion. For power users, this can be a royal pain in the back side.

For me personally, whenever I use Win10 (Edu Edution) instead of my Win7/Fedora KDE main machine, I feel like Win10 is a downgrade in useability for the sake of something.
Understand “downgrade” in this context as “you would not use a bicycle to transport a fridge when you could have it delivered”.

I know there are gazillion modified iso´s around the net.
But there is always a huge risk using third party modified iso´s.
We as a community cannot and will not recommend things like,
that ever to anyone.
Aside from the fact that it would also be illegal.


No, because although i’m one of the most anti-windows 10 people you’ll probably encounter… if you’re stuck in Windows land

  • Windows 7 goes end of Extended Support in January
  • Windows 7 has had a lot of the undesirable tech from Windows 10 backported to it anyway (various bits of telemetry)
  • Windows 7 is not supported (Note: i’m not saying “doesn’t work, for some definition of work”) on hardware released after 2017 (i think) and MS have been deliberately blocking various OS updates to later model hardware. You can be sure that updates for meltdown, etc. won’t be present in Windows 7 for Skylake (or is it Kaby Lake)+ hardware for example.

The time has come to make a choice. You need to either:

  • get on board with Windows 10
  • find a new platform that is not windows.

installing from some non-retail ISO you find off the internet (e.g., EDU or Enterprise versions) leaves you un-licensed and you may as well be a pirate. Never mind that if it is not from official channels, it may well be trojaned.

If you’re comfortable with OS piracy… well, ok… but IMHO switching platforms has other benefits, whether it is Linux or macOS. It isn’t expensive to get all the software you’d need to do all the typical home-user things, LEGALLY with either macOS (yes, mac purchase required instead of PC) or Linux.

Given most games are console first these days as well, if gaming is an issue:

  • use lutris, or for the games that won’t work in Linux:
  • save the windows license cost
  • spend it on an XBOX or playstation (or a nintendo switch)

Windows 7, while liked by many and still used quite often, is a 10 years old OS which is going to be discontinued very early next year, that alone should keep you from using it if possible.
Some machines tend to run Windows 7 better than 10 due to driver optimization, maybe the hardware itself is not up to spec (HDD only machines tend to run W10 a bit slowly without some sort of optimization) but seeing as you run Threadripper, i really think you should stick to Windows 10.

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IDK man, last Friday when I had to do my timecard I was the only one in the office who had the Oracle webapp working.

We all have identical hardware and on the same subnet so :confounded:

Works on my machineTM


Install linux, run in vm, kek, profit

ATM I don’t think theres too much that could go wrong. You’ll be missing features, and 7 doesn’t get updates anymore, but its not like updates are all that important in windows


I’m not a fan of using just any ISO when it comes to Windows. In a sense, it’s asking for trouble. Yes, there are versions that are clean and reliable but if someone does not know what they are doing and gets the first better what the search engine will give him, then …

Personally, I still have machines with W7 and nothing is wrong but before the end of the year either W10 or Mint / Parrot will be given.

If someone already has W7 installed and activated then I recommend MediaCreationTool1809.exe and updates to W10 should still work for free. Rumor has it that even those activated W7 in a less legal way can also be updated to W10 and reportedly will be active … I do not know, I did not check.

Generally, W7 in 2020 without access to the network as a system for an older computer is ok. Only a machine that uses the network regularly and needs newer solutions and programs will require a transition to something newer.

I still have three XP machines under my hands but they are almost never used.

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My recommendation would be to just use Windows 10, or linux with win10 as a VM. Going to be quite a headache to get win7 running, and as other have said, will be EOL very soon.

Yeaaaaa…that doesn’t IT’s nice to want, sincerely I agree it SHOULD exist, but it doesn’t.

The big issue is that as soon as you run into some “wierd” issue, you need to confirm whether or not it is a Windows 10 issue or a “your version of Windows 10 that nobody will support” issue…

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short answer no you shouldn’t.

Everyone else has given the long answer


@Pavilions, I have a suggestion If you are looking for the fell of Windows 7 may I suggest a program called Classic Shell. I recently had to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 and I came across this program called Classic Shell. This program can set up the feel of Windows 7 while still using Windows 10. It is true the developers of this program have moved on but there is still an active Git Hub community that is supporting it. I thought I would just mention this program in case you were still looking for an alternative to running plain old Windows 10. I have link the developer’s web site in case you want to check it out…

I can agree. Generally, this is a rather standard problem when there are any changes in the system that deviate from what MS predicted. But looking at what they are doing themselves … he he

My Windows machines are always a bit different from what a standard installation gives. But what I do in the system I am aware of. Personally, I like to manually turn off a lot of services I do not need, but I would not recommend it to someone who does not know what to do and what he needs.

Generally, as I wrote, I am not a supporter of the behind-the-scenes releases of Windows ISO. I will not judge anyone because of using a pirate copy but rather I would stay with the standard edition and possibly use something like OOSU10.

If we go in the direction of paranoia, even crack can be more than a way around the legacy of a given program. Everyone has to decide for themselves where the red line is for him.
Anyway, it’s similar to linux. Not every distro I would consider safe and trusted.