Should I replace my Windows 10 with Windows 7?

I recently found an old laptop of mine with Windows 7 installed, and I was really happy with the experience and the simplicity of the operating system. I thought to myself why shouldn’t I use Windows 7 again and reinstall it on my new devices? is this a good idea? or should I stick with Windows 10? What are the things I could lose when using Windows 7 over Windows 10?


Sure, just know that Windows 7 hits end of life and will no longer see any updates after January 2020.
Some newer software may not work as well on windows 7 vs 10. But those will be few and far between.
Games tend to run better on 10 due to driver optimization.

Give it a go. if you do not like it switch back.

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Depending on the hardware you are running, getting Win7 to run can be hard or impossible.

I would suggest you get a second HDD/SSD and put Win7 on that, that way you can dual boot.

My CPU is Thread ripper 1950x I don’t know if it’s compatible or not?

From memory, AMD has no chipset drivers for Win7.

So getting things to work (if possible at all) will be a royal pain in the back. If wasting several hours for potentially nothing is worth it, is up to you.

It’ll be a hassle getting things working on 7, as others have mentioned. Ride the 10 train with the rest of the HEDT peeps.


In general - No, you should not.

Windows 7 will be EOL in seven months, Windows 10 is the new king. If you want to avoid Windows 10 and still run Windows, you are starting to run out of options. In fact, the three left to you are:

  • Run Windows XP, 7 or another unsupported OS. Might work for another few years, but eventually it will be more trouble than it is worth.
  • Run Windows 8.1 until it too become unsupported in 2023. Another temporary quick fix.
  • Run ReactOS, which is probably not what I’d recommend.

Other than that, get a Mac or install Linux. Or cave in to WIndows 10. It’s not as bad as the first impression, really.


When you have the right Distro, Linux is much more pleasant than Win10.

At first, it is bad. Then you use it for another couple of days and it gets worse!

Correct me if I am wrong. But I don’t think Windows 7 supports direct x 12. You will also be missing out on security updates.

Windows 7 is a flat out bad idea in 2019.

I agree that there are things about windows 10 that suck. I also agree that windows 7 is nicer in many ways. The differences will never be worth dealing with the driver support problems and lack of security updates that come with Microsoft sun-setting the OS.

My favorite version of windows is still 8.1, but I use windows 10 now, because it doesn’t make sense to me to go backwards. Also every computer I use that isn’t mine also runs windows 10, and so I need to make sure that I know how to use it.

I am honestly really mad at windows right now and am trying to switch my laptops to Linux. I have nearly 0 issues with desktop windows.

use which ever operating system, lets you get work done and enjoy your computer.

if its 7 and your system can still use it then jump on 7 … no reason to keep toting this security bs that so many are forcing on people these days.

End User Experience Above all else. because in the end, it is you who has to use the machine on a daily basis and it is your needs that should be catered to.

not some jack ass company trying to shove their agenda down your throat and into your daily life.

and just to throw a bone to security , get a decent router and or firewall and of course use a decent browser and practice good computing habits.

but dont switch just because people say win 10 is safer (pssst its not)

if your concerned with safety drop windows all together and switch to free bsd.

because when it comes to security it is Security Above All Else and be damned your user experience.


Windows 10 No Bloat Edition

Security updates from 2020 …

W7 in 2020 without access to the network can be. If it is supposed to be a machine with internet, I would rather advise against it.
If not W10, maybe Mint, Parrot …

That one isn’t out yet i guess. :slight_smile:

Windows 7 in 2019 does not make much sense anymore indeed like others have said already.
This is simply because it will be EOL next year and won’t provide any regular security updates anymore.
Also newer software will likely not get windows 7 support anymore.

Also the scheduler on windows 7 for Threadripper kinda sucks.
It’s slightly better in windows10, but still not great yet.
Also installing windows7 on a TR system won’t be that easy.
Because windows7 out of the box does not support things like usb3.0 and pci-e nvme drives etc.
So you will either need an iso and patch it with correct usb drivers, and eventually,
wenn having m.2 nvme drives, drivers for that.
Or you have to work with a sata ssd, optical drive and a ps2 keyboard.

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Without knowing more about you it is impossible to say.
As a gamer I can tell you that when you find a really good game the OS becomes much less important as long as it just works

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I wouldnt… It will hit end of life and well no more updates and then your vulnerable to all sorts of zero days…

You could look at alternate operating systems

? I’m using it right now. Just google or duckduckgo windows 10 no bloat iso download

Not encouraged and a lot of those sites lead to sketchy warez sites.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ i did get it from a sketchy-ish looking site but did thorough testing to see if it was phoning anywhere. It’s a common iso. If you’re just using it for games and not anything important, I think it’s fine.