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Should I replace my PSU or just fix the fan?


I’ve got a hypervisor box with an AMD FX 6300 in it. I used a 400w Cooler Master PSU (fairly old but unused up to about 6 years ago when I built the PC) that I had around and it has worked fine, and still works fine. But the fan bearings are going bad. I’m confident I could just buy a fan and replace the fan, but since it’s a power supply I’m not sure that’s a good idea. If it’s been in operation for so long that the fan bearings are bad, is it highly likely more important parts are going to die soon? I don’t want to replace something that’s still good but I don’t want to kill my motherboard/cpu because I was too cheap to buy a $40 new PSU.


TL:DR; Mediocre cooler master PSU is about 6 years old and works fine but fan bearings are going bad. Is it stupid/futile to replace the fan and keep using it after all that time? Is there a high likelyhood the PSU will kill my mobo/cpu soon with its age?


Change fan start saving for upgrade imo


I don’t think you’re at risk of damaging anything, but with a PSU that old, and PSUs being relatively affordable, I think you’re better off just getting a new one rather than going through the effort of changing a fan. Especially when it is possible the whole thing could fail and isn’t under warranty anymore.

So I’d grab a new one. Unless you really are on a tight budget and have a fan already lying around to swap in.


It’s probably just dirty. I swear by Liquid Wrench lubricant for that sort of thing. I did a couple machines last year with very ancient PSU’s (10+ years old) and they are still going strong, now with less noise.

The warranty would be void by opening up the PSU, so that’s kind of a moot point. It depends on how the PSU looks and your personal preferences. If the caps look straight then I would probably just clean out the fan, hit it with Liquid Wrench or some oil, and slap it back together.

Chances are if you are here questioning the repair then you probably are looking for confirmation to just buy a new PSU, so go for it.


It wasn’t great to begin with. Get a new one, 80+ bronze and you’re good for at least a decade.